Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bracketology 101's Field of 65 - Feb. 7

Here are Chris and Craig's Bracketology 101 selections for Feb. 7:

The Breakdown
Not too many changes from last week. The reason that Marquette gets a bid this week is because they have 2 winnable road games this week and a favorable schedule after that (since they have only one more road game left). Stanford who we have left out has a similar situation with only 2 road games left and could very well finish up 6-1 in Pac-10 play, but Marquette gets the nod over them because of their better out of conference play and overall record. LSU hangs on for another week because they have 2 winnable conference games this week. Texas A&M continues to be plagued by their low RPI. Notre Dame really could have used that win at Syracuse on Saturday. Things don't get any easier for them with BC coming in and playing at Pitt this week. We think ND can pull off an upset in one of these games but if they can't, then don't expect to see them here next week. Having the toughest Big East schedule in the league will help there RPI and make up for a weak out of conference showing but if that leads to a .500 or worse conference record they will be left out of the dance.

Mid-Major/Small Conference ramblings....There are a number of teams coming from one bid conferences right now that have a good chance of getting an at large bid if they did not win their conference tourneys. Utah and Pacific (unless they get screwed like Utah St. did last year) should both receive at-large berths, while Vermont and GW also have resumes that would land them on the bubble. Every year upsets happen in conference tourney's which end up costing the big conferences at-large berths and we don't expect this year to be any different. Starting next week we will try to predict some of the potential upsets by looking at past conference tourney history and by looking at the venues where conference tourney's are being held this year. This will give a more realistic bracket in terms of the number of at-large berths that the big conferences will be fighting for.

Conference Breakdown
Big East (7), ACC (6), C-USA (6), Big XII (5), Big Ten (5), SEC (5), PAC-10 (4), MVC (2), WAC (2), WCC (2).

Last Four In
UTEP, Miami-Fla., LSU, Marquette

Last Four Out
Texas A&M, South Carolina, Stanford, Boston University

The Field Of 65

America East

George Washington

North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami-Fla.

Atlantic Sun


Big 12

Oklahoma St., Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech

Big East

Syracuse, Boston College, Pitt, Connecticut, Notre Dame, Villanova, Georgetown

Big Sky

Portland State

Big South


Big Ten

Illinois, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota

Big West



Old Dominion

Cincinnati, Louisville, Charlotte, DePaul, UAB, Marquette






Coppin St.

Southern Ill., Wichita State



Ohio Valley

Washington, Arizona, UCLA, Arizona State

Holy Cross

Kentucky, Miss. St., Alabama, Florida, LSU


SE Louisiana

Alabama A&M

Sun Belt

Gonzaga, St. Mary's

UTEP, Nevada

*Note - In the conferences where mulitple bids were given the first place team was given the automatic bid. In the case of a tie, overall record was the tiebreaker.

The Seeds

The 1s
Illinois, Boston College, North Carolina, Kansas

The 2s

Wake Forest, Duke, Kentucky, Oklahoma State

The 3s

Syracuse, Washington, Louisville, Arizona

The 4s
Oklahoma, Michigan State, Gonzaga, Wisconsin

The 5s
Cincinnati, Alabama, Utah, Pittsburgh

The 6s
Connecticut, Texas Tech, Texas, Mississippi State

The 7s
Georgia Tech, Minnesota, Pacific, Florida

The 8s
Villanova, Wichita State, Maryland, Georgetown

The 9s
Southern Illinois, St. Mary's, Charlotte, Depaul

The 10s
Vermont, Nevada, UAB, Iowa

The 11s
George Washington, Notre Dame, UCLA, Arizona State

The 12s
Miami-Ohio, LSU, UTEP, Miami-Fla.

The 13s
Marquette, Holy Cross, Old Dominion, Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The 14s
Rider, Penn, Denver, Davidson

The 15s
Winthrop, Portland State, SE Louisiana, Gardner-Webb

The 16s
UMKC, Samford, Coppin St., Alabama A&M (Play-In Game), Monmouth (Play-In Game)


Anonymous said...

Yay, seeds!

matt said...

You had 5 selections on your site that I did not pick:
Iowa, Marquette, UCLA, LSU, UTEP. My picks can be found here

I think its very interesting to check out what other people think about who will make the ballot. College bball is such an awesome sport to follow. I look forward to checking back next week.


CGI said...

Let me help you out a little bit here Matt....first off 65 teams make the tournament not 64 so you can add a team, Ohio State is on probation, the other teams you had in different from ours were Virginia Tech, Utah St., and Air Force who's respective RPI's are 126, 82, and 106. Utah St. and Air Force will need to win their conference tourney's to get bids and Tech still needs to get a quality win before they can be considered. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

How is Kentucky not a #1 seed...they're rolling now....8 straight and 9-0 in conference. I know the SEC is down a bit, but the CATS are playing their best ball of the season and should run the table for the second time in 3 years in the SEC. Their only tests left are at Bama and at Florida.

I'm assuming that you haven't updated this since B.C. got picked off at Notre Dame.

Really like your site and hope to see UK up there as a 1 seed in your next update....not that it matters much now....because we all know what happened last year against UAB...F it.


CGI said...

thanks for your comment, going into the weekend Kentucky is looking like a pretty solid choice for a #1 seed, just have to wait and see how things shape out this weekend

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