Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bracketology 101's Field of 65 - Feb. 20

Here are Chris and Craig's Field of 65 for Feb. 20:

The Breakdown
Big Conferences…The ACC has become a big mess. Georgia Tech saved itself winning at Florida State and should be able to get to 8-8 in conference so they hang on. Virginia Tech had a huge week and has the best chance of any of the ACC bubble teams to get to 9-7. Their RPI is still 100 but it will continue to improve. N.C. State also had a big week with its win over Maryland. Their two wins over Georgia Tech and Maryland is what lands them here this week. Their RPI is also poor but they have some good opportunities to get another big win and get to 8-8. Miami, who does have a decent RPI, will have a hard time getting in since they lost to Virginia Tech twice and with their schedule they probably won’t be able to get to 8-8 in conference. We still are not believers in Memphis. Their RPI should improve with the schedule they have upcoming but they will need to win 3 out of their remaining 4 (at Charlotte, Louisville, at Saint Louis, Cincinnati) to get a bid, which we don’t think is possible. If West Virginia can pull out a victory at Pitt that would put them in the bracket next week, especially considering their remaining games. South Carolina is back on the bubble but they will have trouble finishing any better then 8-8 in conference, which won’t be enough to get them in.

Small Conferences….People may be surprised to see Creighton in the bracket this week. They were given the automatic bid out of the MVC. Wichita State is no longer looking good for an at-large bid and their schedule does not get any easier, while Southern Illinois has got one almost locked up. History forced us to give the MVC two bids. In the past 6 years the regular season conference champion has lost in the conference tourney and still gotten an at-large bid. In the last 2 years, Southern Illinois has been that regular season conference champion. If Buffalo can finish up strong they have the best chance of being the #2 team out of the MAC. George Washington and St. Mary’s need to take care of business on the road this week if they want to see their names here next week. UTEP's loss at Pacific hurts; they have an easy schedule left but we think they won't get thru it unscathed. They have slim hopes for an at-large if they get through the rest of the season without losing until facing Nevada in the conference championship. If Nevada or Pacific falter in their conference tournaments then they will be stealing bids from the big conferences because they are near locks for at-large bids.

Conference Breakdown
Big East (7), ACC (7), Big XII (6), SEC (5), C-USA (4), Big Ten (4), PAC-10 (4), A-10 (2), MAC (2), MVC (2), WCC (2).

Last Four In

Minnesota, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, Buffalo

Last Four Out
Miami-Fla., Memphis, West Virginia, South Carolina

The Field Of 65

America East

George Washington, St. Joseph's

North Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State

Atlantic Sun


Big 12

Oklahoma St., Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas, Iowa State

Big East

Boston College, Syracuse, Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Villanova, Notre Dame, Georgetown

Big Sky

Portland State

Big South


Big Ten

Illinois, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Big West



Old Dominion

Louisville, Charlotte, Cincinnati, DePaul




Oral Roberts

Miami-Ohio, Buffalo

Coppin St.

Southern Illinois, Creighton


Fairleigh Dickinson

Ohio Valley
Tennessee Tech

Arizona, Washington, Stanford, UCLA

Holy Cross

Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi State, LSU, Florida


SE Louisiana

Alabama A&M

Sun Belt

Gonzaga, St. Mary's


*Note - In the conferences where mulitple bids were given the first place team was given the automatic bid. In the case of a tie, overall record was the tiebreaker.

The Seeds

The 1s
Illinois, North Carolina, Boston College, Oklahoma State

The 2s

Wake Forest, Kansas, Duke, Arizona

The 3s

Kentucky, Washington, Gonzaga, Michigan State

The 4s
Alabama, Utah, Wisconsin, Connecticut

The 5s
Syracuse, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Charlotte

The 6s
Oklahoma, Pacific, Southern Illinois, Cincinnati

The 7s
Villanova, Nevada, Texas Tech, Notre Dame

The 8s
Florida, Maryland, LSU, Texas

The 9s
Mississippi State, DePaul, Iowa State, Miami-Ohio

The 10s
Georgia Tech, George Washington, Georgetown, Stanford

The 11s
St. Mary's, Vermont, UCLA, Minnesota

The 12s
North Carolina State, Buffalo, Virginia Tech, Holy Cross

The 13s
Old Dominion, St. Joseph's, Creighton, Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The 14s
Niagara, Penn, Winthrop, Davidson

The 15s
Denver, Oral Roberts, SE Louisiana, Portland State

The 16s
Tennessee Tech, Coppin St., Gardner-Webb, Alabama A&M (Play-In Game), Fairleigh Dickinson (Play-In Game)

The Bracket

This Week's Bracket

Bracket courtesy Matt Reeves.

Questions? Comments? E-mail Chris and Craig at bracketologyblog@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

Why KY @ #3? .......SIU @6 seems a little high.

CGI said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CGI said...

Kentucky lost to South Carolina last week, Arizona has been on fire lately and right now we like them better then UK, SIU won two tough road games this week and has won 5 in a row plus their RPI is top 15, obviously if they lose their conference tournament as we expect then they won't be seeded this high but we seed based upon what teams have done so far

matt r said...

Just curious guys, but what was the rationale for giving Creighton the automatic bid from the MVC?

Bracketology 101 said...

History basically forced us to give the MVC two bids. In the past 6 years the regular season conference champion has lost in the conference tourney and still gotten an at-large bid. In the last 2 years, Southern Illinois has been that regular season conference champion.

This year, Southern Illinois has again all but locked up an automatic bid, so we chose what we believe to be the second best MVC team for this week's bracket. Creighton has beaten Northern Iowa (the other team we considered) twice, has won three straight and has two easy games - Indiana State and Illinois State - to finish the year. The Blue Jays should be on a nice roll at the end of the season, and have traditionally done very well in the conference tourney.

Anonymous said...

Now that BC lost do they lose their #1 seed? I think they should be replace by Wake Forest. I think it makes a better first round matchup anyway.

matt r said...

I personally think that Arizona should get some consideration for the #4 overall, especially if they can win at Seattle this weekend. If they won this weekend I think I would go with Illinois, Wake, UNC, and Arizona.

Bracketology 101 said...

BC's loss to Villanova drops them back down to a 2 seed, and here are plenty of teams that could move up to a 1. If Arizona wins at Washington Saturday, they should get it. The Wildcats have been on fire of late, winning seven in a row.

The quartet of Illinois, UNC, Wake, and Arizona looks good right now on paper, but as always, weekend results could change all of that.

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