Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bracketology 101's Field of 65 - Feb. 14

Here are Chris and Craig's Field of 65 for Feb. 14:

The Breakdown
Quite a few changes from last week's picks. With less then 3 weeks left until conference tourney time we really looked ahead at the remaining schedules for each bubble team. However the seeding is always done based upon what each teams has done so far. Bracket Buster Saturday will be huge.

Big Conferences....Iowa St. has come out of no where to win 5 straight including games over Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech. With their remaining schedule they should finish at least 9-7 in conference if not 10-6. Their RPI is still weak but that should continue to improve with each win. Stanford really benefited from ASU's collapse this week and even though they lost their leading scorer they should be able to get to 10-8 in conference which would give them a bid. Minnesota nearly played themselves out of the tourney this week losing two winnable games but they hung on because of their medicore remaining schedule. LSU and Arkansas both need to get some more marquee wins and are hurt by the weakness of the SEC this year. It will be tough for Arkansas to get over .500 in conference and the way LSU is playing right now doesn't bode well given their remaining schedule. With Iowa already being 4-6 in conference it is going to be very tough for them to finish any better then 7-9 in conference with what they have left.

Small Conferences....UTEP is barely hanging on but their remaining conference games are all winnable and they have a chance to prove themselves worthy at Pacific on Saturday. Seeing St. Joe's and BU in the bracket this week might be surprising to many of you. But we are standing by our words from last week when we said more small conference teams will be given bids to make the bracket more realistic, so both teams are in as automatic bids this week. BU proved they can beat Vermont this week and even if they don't beat them in the conference championship if things break their way they have a legitimate shot at an at-large bid as long as they win out. St. Joes has no chance at an at-large bid but with GW looking more like an at-large lock its more likely to see another team come out of the A-10. St. Joes is looking like the team that has the best shot to knock GW off in the conference tourney. If Xavier gets hot watch for them since they A-10 conference tourney is in Cinci. In the coming weeks the MAC may be able to secure another spot in our bracket. We expect another team from the MAC East to step up in the remaining weeks to join Miami-Ohio as a second bid out of a relatively strong conference.

Conference Breakdown
Big East (7), ACC (6), Big XII (6), C-USA (5), Big Ten (4), SEC (4), PAC-10 (4), A-10 (2), America East (2), MVC (2), WAC (2), WCC (2).

Last Four In
UTEP, Minnesota, Iowa State, Stanford

Last Four Out
LSU, Arkansas, Iowa, TCU

The Field Of 65

America East
Vermont, Boston University

George Washington, St. Joseph's

North Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Miami-Fla.

Atlantic Sun


Big 12

Oklahoma St., Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Texas, Iowa State

Big East

Syracuse, Boston College, Pitt, Connecticut, Notre Dame, Villanova, Georgetown

Big Sky

Portland State

Big South


Big Ten

Illinois, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Minnesota

Big West



Old Dominion

Louisville, Cincinnati, DePaul, Charlotte, UAB




Oral Roberts


Coppin St.

Southern Illinois, Wichita State



Ohio Valley

Arizona, Washington, UCLA, Stanford

Holy Cross

Kentucky, Alabama, Miss. St., Florida


SE Louisiana

Alabama A&M

Sun Belt
Western Kentucky

Gonzaga, St. Mary's

Nevada, UTEP

*Note - In the conferences where mulitple bids were given the first place team was given the automatic bid. In the case of a tie, overall record was the tiebreaker.

The Seeds

The 1s
Illinois, Kansas, Wake Forest, North Carolina

The 2s

Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Duke, Boston College

The 3s

Syracuse, Arizona, Washington, Gonzaga

The 4s
Michigan State, Alabama, Utah, Wisconsin

The 5s
Connecticut, Louisville, Maryland, Pittsburgh

The 6s
Cincinnati, Mississippi State, Oklahoma, DePaul

The 7s
Florida, Pacific, Charlotte, Georgetown

The 8s
Texas Tech, Southern Illinois, Villanova, Nevada

The 9s
Texas, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Wichita State

The 10s
George Washington, Vermont, UCLA, St. Mary's

The 11s
Miami-Fla, UAB, Minnesota, Stanford

The 12s
Miami-Ohio, Old Dominion, UTEP, Iowa State

The 13s
St. Joseph's, Boston University, Holy Cross, Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The 14s
Niagara, Penn, Western Kentucky, Davidson

The 15s
Winthrop, Portland State, SE Louisiana, Oral Roberts

The 16s
Gardner-Webb, Samford, Coppin St., Alabama A&M (Play-In Game), Monmouth (Play-In Game)

The Bracket

This Week's Bracket

Bracket graphic courtesy Matt Reeves.


Big Mike Chillin said...

Nice work here... I was wondering if you could shed some light on which seeds each site will be receiving? I am blindly headed to Cleveland for rounds 1+2, and wondering if I can get an idea for who will be there. Are the seeds set in stone (ie. 3, 4, 5,6 will definitely be there).... Or is that part random as well? espn.com has the 3/6 seeds from Albuquerque and the 4/5 from Chicago... But, I noticed your's is different. Any idea?

CGI said...

Bracketology 101's Matt Reeves, "The Bracket Expert", needs to field that one.

Matt R said...

The seeds aren't set in stone for any of the locations for the first weekend . The handbook the selection committee uses says that they first place the top 16 teams (1-4 seeds) into regions. After this, these 16 teams are assigned to the eight first/second round sites, trying to keep each one close to home as possible, giving the higher ranked team priority. The pod associated with that seed gets assigned to that city (1,8,9,16 2,7,10,15 3,6,11,14 and 4,5,12,13). You'll notice on ESPN and on mine that Illinois gets Indy, Kansas gets OK City, the top two in the ACC get Charlotte, etc. In most of the bracket projections I've done this year, as well as ESPN's, Cleveland is assigned later, to the 3 or 4 seeds including some teams that get "stuck" because the other sites are used by the higher seeds. So don't expect to see Illinois or some of the ACC's finest in Cleveland. The committee also tries to keep the other seeds close to home, but it's a little tougher due to the rules regarding spreading the conferences out among the bracket. The only thing I can tell you is to keep your eye on our projections and that should give you some idea of who will be there.

Big Mike said...

That is great info... thanks very much.

Keep up the great work. I check every Monday!

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