Saturday, March 26, 2005

Random Thoughts After The Sweet Sixteen

Whoda thunk that the Big Ten would have 3 teams left while the Big East and ACC would only have one?

Still trying to find where that travel was.

Looking more and more like an Illinois-UNC final is inevitable.

Hey, at least we were spared a Duke-UNC Final Four game. Could you imagine Billy Packer and Dickie V. in the days leading up to that one?

How can you not cheer for WVU?

No way J.J. Redick makes the shot Salim Stoudamire made.

Seriously...did you really think Washington would make it out of the Sweet Sixteen?

How about starting Sweet Sixteen games earlier so more basketball can be shown? There was little to no lag time between game starts which meant that the games that were on had about the same time remaining.

How does an Arizona, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan State Final Four sound? Gross.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bracketology 101 On The Air

Bracketology 101 made another radio appearance Monday night at 7:25 ET on SportsBloggerLive on AOL Radio. We broke down the first two rounds of the tournament and accurately predicted the Sweet 16 games in the Albuquerque and Austin regions.


SportsBloggersLive airs from 7-8 p.m. EST every Monday on AOL Radio.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Random Thoughts After The First Round

After a weak start to the tourney what a great Friday night finish.

Does anyone remember when Kansas was undefeated and ranked #1?

Why did I put Syracuse through until the Elite Eight in my bracket knowing that they had a difficult Vermont team to get by in the first round?

How does Syracuse get what had to be the last #4 seed after winning the Big East tourney, and then get stuck playing the top #13 seed in Vermont (who really deserved a #12 before ODU or Wisc. Mil.) in Worchester which is an hour from the Vermont state line? Seems like a pretty raw deal for Syracuse.

I guess we should shut up now about UAB.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bracketology 101's Tourney Picks

Here are Craig and Chris' final tournament picks:

Craig's Final Four
Illinois, UConn, Wake Forest, Oklahoma
Final: Illinois 73, UConn 67

Chris' Final Four
Illinois, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Oklahoma
Final: North Carolina 77, Illinois 74

For our complete brackets and to see how you stack up against Chris and Craig, join the Bracketology 101 Tournament Challenge group on ESPN. The group name is "bracketologyblog" and the password is "blog." Group will stay open through Thursday night for entrants.

Craig and Chris

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bracketology 101 Hits The Air Waves

Bracketology 101 made its first radio appearance last night on SportsBloggersLive on AOL Radio.

Check out the site and the webcast:

The Full Show

Bracketology 101 breaks down the Syracuse Region at the 44:00 mark of the show.

SportsBloggersLive airs from 7-8 p.m. EST every Monday on AOL Radio.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bracketology 101's Final Thoughts

The brackets have been released, and overall we must admit we are slightly disappointed with the results. We were wrong about Notre Dame and Buffalo, and our first two teams out - Northern Iowa and UAB - got the bids. We did get 57 out of 65 teams within one seed, and 37 seeds exactly right.

Since the selections are over, we would be remissed if we didn't recap what has been a tremendous first year for the Bracketology 101 web site. Not only did we get more hits and more e-mail than we ever would have imagined, we also get great response to our two Selection Sunday chats. Pre-Selection Sunday, we feel we were the most accurate bracketologists out there.

Why do we say this? Well...

1. At the start of Championship Week, we predicted conference tourney wins by Creighton, Utah State, New Mexico, and Xavier. No one else did, deciding instead to put nine million teams in from one major or mid-major conference. Three out of four in the end ain't bad.

2. We NEVER had Memphis in at all this season. Everyone else did at some point.

3. We jumped off the Miami-Ohio bandwagon a week before everyone else, and called the MAC a one-bid league (until today when we stuck with Buffalo). We also bailed on Wichita State after they started their late February skid, while other brackets kept them in for a lack of quality teams elsewhere.

4. We put Creighton in the bracket FOUR WEEKS AGO, when they were in fifth place in the conference and just barely heating up. No one else had them in until two weeks after that.

5. We didn't keep St. Joseph's in all season just because they were in first place in the A-10. We believed in GW and it paid off.

That's not to say we didn't have some slip-ups along the way, or put a team in and have to take them out for good the next week (ex. Boston U., Houston), or up a team's seed only to see them lose the next day, but that happens in the crazy world of college basketball. In the end, though, we kept our no-nonsense, go-with-your-gut attitude when it came to projecting the field. Instead of going back and forth, taking teams in and out of the bracket and making PC, whimpy picks, we went out on a limb at times and looked at the future and not just the present. That made the number of available spots more realistic, and gave fans a more accurate picture of where their teams stood. Bottom line: we tried to make ballsy picks that made sense. We analyzed teams differently, and in the end, more practically than the Joe Lunardis and Jerry Palms of the world. If you kept track, our picks were always a week ahead (sometimes more) for that reason.

To all the visitors of the site: Thanks for coming along for the ride with us this year. We're still relatively small, but we hope we're on the rise. The "big-time" bracketologists probably don't like us because we call them out on occasion, but who cares. Be sure to spread the word about us if you can and check back throughout the tournament and in the off-season for occasional news and updates. We will have our actual Tournament Challenge brackets posted later this week.

Enjoy the madness,

Chris and Craig

Bracketology 101's Final Field of 65

Here are Chris and Craig's long-awaited FINAL Field of 65:

Last Four In
NC State, St. Mary's, Notre Dame, Buffalo

Last Four Out
Northern Iowa, UAB, DePaul, Maryland

Conference Breakdown
Big East (7), Big XII (6), ACC (5), SEC (5), Big Ten (5), PAC-10 (4), C-USA (3), Big West (2), MAC (2), MVC (2), MWC (2), WAC (2), WCC (2).

The Seeds

The 1s
Illinois, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke

The 2s

Washington, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, Louisville

The 3s
Kansas, Arizona, Gonzaga, Connecticut

The 4s
Oklahoma, Syracuse, Boston College, Florida

The 5s
Michigan State, Wisconsin, Alabama, Villanova

The 6s
Utah, Texas Tech, LSU, Pittsburgh

The 7s
Cincinnati, Pacific, Georgia Tech, West Virginia

The 8s
Southern Illinois, Minnesota, Charlotte, Nevada

The 9s
Mississippi State, New Mexico, Stanford, Iowa State

The 10s
Iowa, UCLA, Texas, George Washington

The 11s
NC State, UTEP, Creighton, St. Mary's

The 12s
Vermont, Ohio, Notre Dame, Buffalo

The 13s
Old Dominion, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Utah State, Pennsylvania

The 14s
Louisiana-Lafayette, Bucknell, Winthrop, Niagara

The 15s
Tennessee Chattanooga, Central Florida, Eastern Kentucky, SE Louisiana

The 16s
Montana, Delaware State, Fairleigh Dickinson, Alabama A&M (Play-In Game), Oakland (Play-In Game)

Questions? Comments? E-mail Chris and Craig at

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bracketology 101's Field of 65 - March 12

Here are Chris and Craig's Field of 65 for March 12. This will be our last update before Sunday afternoon's final bracket.

Changes From Last Bracket
In: Iowa, Bucknell
Out: Xavier, Holy Cross
Automatics: Bucknell


Two more teams eliminated themselves on Friday (Indiana and Virginia Tech), while Miami-Ohio seriously damaged their chances. Iowa has come out of no where to win 5 in a row and play themselves in. They have finally proved that they can win without Pierce and at the moment are looking fairly safe for a bid. Things should be very clear after Saturday's games play out.

Many teams have the opportunity to claim automatic bids and not have to worry about their at-large chances. Vermont has had a weak finish and a home loss to end the season would not look good for them so they need to beat Northeastern today. New Mexico does not want to rest their fate in the hands of the committee. Their only quality victory was against Utah and their out of conference schedule was disgusting. UTEP would be safe if they were playing Nevada today but a loss to Boise St. is a bad loss and they would be in trouble. George Washington has a weak RPI but some good wins out of conference (Michigan St. and Maryland). Their 5 A-10 losses does not look good for them though, especially considering how poorly the A-10 is rated. Buffalo is streaking at the right time and if they don't win today they are probably the only MAC team at this point who has a shot at a at-large bid, but without a big out of conference victory they don't want to leave their fate up to the committee.

UAB will now have be on pins and needles until Sunday evening after their loss to Louisville. DePaul and UAB will both be huge Lousiville fans today because a Memphis win means that one of them isn't going dancin'. Notre Dame will also be cheering hard for Louisville, Pacific, GW, Utah, UTEP, and Buffalo. A loss by any of these teams and their chances are likely killed. Our next update will come on Sunday afternoon.

Conference Breakdown
Big East (6), Big XII (6), ACC (5), C-USA (5), SEC (5), Big Ten (5), PAC-10 (4), Big West (2), MVC (2), MWC (2), WAC (2), WCC (2).

Last Four In
Iowa, New Mexico, UAB, DePaul

Last Four Out
Notre Dame, Maryland, Northern Iowa, Miami-Ohio

The Field Of 65

America East

George Washington

North Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke, Georgia Tech, NC State

Atlantic Sun


Big 12

Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Texas Tech, Texas, Iowa State

Big East

Boston College, Connecticut, Syracuse, Villanova, Pittsburgh, West Virginia

Big Sky


Big South


Big Ten

Illinois, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa

Big West

Utah State, Pacific



Louisville, Charlotte, Cincinnati, UAB, DePaul






Delaware State

CREIGHTON, Southern Illinois

New Mexico, Utah


Ohio Valley

Arizona, Washington, UCLA, Stanford


Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi State, Florida, LSU


SE Louisiana

Alabama A&M

Sun Belt

GONZAGA, St. Mary's

Nevada, UTEP

The Seeds

The 1s
Illinois, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Kansas

The 2s

Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, Louisville

The 3s

Oklahoma, Washington, Oklahoma State, Connecticut

The 4s
Boston College, GONZAGA, Alabama, Syracuse

The 5s
Michigan State, Utah, Villanova, Wisconsin

The 6s
Florida, Pacific, LSU, Cincinnati

The 7s
Pittsburgh, Texas Tech, Minnesota, Southern Illinois

The 8s
West Virginia, Mississippi State, Georgia Tech, Charlotte

The 9s
Nevada, Iowa State, Texas, Stanford

The 10s
UCLA, NC State, St. Mary's, Iowa

The 11s
CREIGHTON, UTEP, George Washington, Vermont

The 12s
Buffalo, DePaul, UAB, New Mexico

The 13s

The 14s

The 15s

The 16s
MONTANA, Delaware State, FAIRLEIGH DICKINSON, Alabama A&M (Play-In Game), OAKLAND (Play-In Game)

Small conference CAPS denotes automatic bid earned.

Questions? Comments? E-mail Chris and Craig at

Thursday's Sweet Sixteen

The 16 biggest games on Thursday night's Championship Week schedule:

West Virginia vs. Boston College
West Virginia in with a win, BC still has a shot at the last No. 1 seed.

Clemson vs. Maryland
Many people think Maryland is still in regardless of the outcome. Bracketology 101 says those people are wrong.

Florida State vs. NC State
Wolfpack have to win two games to get in. With no Chris Paul, a quarterfinal win over Wake is possible.

LaSalle vs. Xavier
We are the only believers in Xavier. Let's hope they start strong.

Baylor vs. Iowa State
Cyclones just need to win this game to go dancing. Don't pull an ND.

Hawaii vs. UTEP
UTEP needs to get to the WAC final to feel relatively safe.

DePaul vs. UAB
Game of the day: UAB needs it more than DePaul, but they aren't in with a win.

Oregon State vs. UCLA
UCLA is probably safe either way. A win makes them a lock.

Fordham vs. George Washington
GW needs at least two wins to avoid the NIT.

Kansas State vs. Texas A&M
A&M needs this game and the next.

Georgetown vs. Connecticut
Georgetown could go from dead to in with a win here. Huskies playing for a No. 2 seed.

Virginia vs. Miami-Fla.
Miami is one of many ACC teams in need of two conference tourney wins to get in.

BYU vs. New Mexico
Lobos' resume is poor, but making the final may just be enough this year to get them a berth.

Auburn vs. Vanderbilt
Vandy is the last team on our bubble. They need at least two wins.

Washington State vs. Stanford
Even with Stanford's "safe" status, a third loss to Wazzou would raise eyebrows.

MAC Tournament: Buffalo vs. Toledo, Kent State vs. Ohio, Akron vs. Western Michigan, Miami-Ohio vs. Bowling Green
This whole damn conference is on the bubble. We still like Buffalo.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Sunday Six Pack

The six biggest games on the college basketball schedule for Sunday:

Vermont at Binghamton
Tough break for Vermont getting Binghamton on their home court for the semifinal match-up.

Illinois at Ohio St.
Can the Buckeyes with nothing to play for pull out the upset.

Duke at UNC
Does it get any bigger then this?

Creighton vs Wichita St.
Oh yea it does get bigger. The winner here looks like they might have a shot at an at-large regardless of the conference final outcome (so long as it's against SIU), especially Wichita.

Wake Forest at N.C. State
The Wolfpack can go from the middle of the bubble to nearly a lock with a win here.

St Mary's at Santa Clara
Tough semifinal matchup for St. Mary's who should be fine either way, but to be safe they need a win.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Random Thoughts

Thoughts as the weeekend progresses.......

WVU's loss at Seton Hall is very damaging for them, they now probably have to win their quarterfinal Big East game, which will most likely be against BC, along with their opening round game.

Depaul can now not afford a bad loss in the opening round of the C-USA tourney against a bottom feeder.

Georgia Tech is looking good now, Maryland is not. ACC tourney should be interesting.

ND now needs to win their opening round Big East tourney game to feel safe.

After Miami-Ohio and Akron's losses today its tough to imagine a scenario where two MAC teams make the tourney. We here at Bracketology101 were happy to see Buffalo save us some face this week.

We never believed in Northern Iowa and their season is over.

Stanford saved their season today.

Is anyone that isn't a #1 seed playing better ball then UConn right now?

Iowa St. took care of business this week. They look pretty safe again.

Anyone notice Memphis has lost 4 in a row to finish the season? Bracketology101 is probably the only ones who never put them in our bracket.

If Indiana can get a win over Minnesota in their first game of the Big 10 tourney then they might end up as one of the last teams in, regardless of what they do in the semi's against Illinois.

Can it get any worse for Georgetown?

It's amazing how UAB went from completely out of the picture last week to looking pretty good now.

Texas is a lock now.

Does it get any bigger then Creighton vs. Wichita?

Too bad Ohio State is on probabtion - a good Big Ten tourney and they'd be dancin'.

How wide open was Matt Sylvester?

Illinois is still the top No. 1 seed - sorry Tar Heel fans.

Speaking of which, how can Carolina justify rushing on Duke? Higher rank, at home, favored, Duke didn't rush on them, you can't rush. Great comeback, but still. Relax.

Does anyone want the last 1 seed...anyone? Anyone?

Hey, Vermont, watch out for Northeastern.

SMS upsets Southern Illinois. Three for the MVC?

Friday, March 04, 2005

A Case for Saturday

The 24 biggest "bubble" games on the College Basketball Schedule for Saturday:

Charleston Southern at Winthrop
Winthrop should win easily and be dancing again.

Dayton at Xavier
The conference tourney is at Xavier and if the Musketeers can heat up maybe they can defend their conference title.

West Virginia at Seton Hall
WVU's status has improved this week because they haven't played and been given the opportunity to screw up. But if they can win this game and one more against a bottom feeder at the BE tourney it just might be enough.

Louisville at DePaul
A chance for DePaul to lock down a bid.

Clemson at Georgia Tech
Must win for GT. At this point the Yellow Jackets just need to avoid a bad loss.

Akron at Buffalo
An elimination game. If Akron wins they really help their at-large chances. If Buffalo wins they have renewed hope for an at-large berth.

Texas A&M at Baylor
Aggies blew their opportunity against Ok. St. earlier in the week. Now they need this game and at least 2 in the conference tourney.

Miami-Ohio at Marshall
Winning out till the conference final probably gives Miami an at-large.

George Washington at Rhode Island
GW at-large chances may have already burst, but they still need to take care of a streaking URI to have some confidence going into a wide open A-10 conference tourney.

Pittsburgh at Notre Dame
Both teams are probably safe but the loser will have to take care of business in the first round of the Big East tourney.

UMBC vs Vermont
It's hard to imagine Vermont getting an at-large if they don't win the conference tourney. Especially considering that the championship game will be on their home court.

SMS vs Northern Iowa
NIU needs to take care of a tough SMS before they can look ahead to a semifinal match-up with SIU.

Washington at Stanford
Game got a whole lot bigger for Stanford after losing to Washington St. on Thursday night. A loss by Stanford puts them right in the middle of the bubble.

Iowa St. at Colorado
A 9-7 finish looks a lot better then 8-8 for ISU.

Maryland at Virginia Tech
Terps are basically a lock with a win here. They don't want to lose and end up 7-9 in conference though.

Vanderbilt at LSU
Vandy is the bubble team that probably has the most to gain on Saturday with a victory here.

Northwestern at Indiana
Hoosiers trying to stay in the conversation for a bid and 10 Big Ten wins keeps them there.

Ohio at Kent St.
Another MAC elimination game. Win for Ohio puts them right there with Akron, while Kent is trying to get back into the conversation.

Drake vs Wichita St.
Wichita can still get an at-large as long as they get to the conference final and lose there to SIU. Will likely have to go through Creighton in the semi's to get there though.

Providence at Georgetown
G'town has to take care of business here and then in their opening round game of the BE tourney.

UAB at Houston
Game got a lot more important after UAB beat Depaul and Houston got routed by Marquette. A win by UAB moves them to the front of the line as the fifth bid from C-USA. Houston barely holds that position now.

Colorado St. at New Mexico
If the Lobos can win out till the conference final and lose their to Utah it will be hard to deny them a bid with 24 wins.

Boise St at UTEP
With many bubble teams faltering UTEP is looking good and will get a bid without any bad losses.

Illinois St. vs. Creighton
Hoping Creighton makes us here at Bracketology101 look good.