Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bracketology 101's Tourney Picks

Here are Craig and Chris' final tournament picks:

Craig's Final Four
Illinois, UConn, Wake Forest, Oklahoma
Final: Illinois 73, UConn 67

Chris' Final Four
Illinois, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Oklahoma
Final: North Carolina 77, Illinois 74

For our complete brackets and to see how you stack up against Chris and Craig, join the Bracketology 101 Tournament Challenge group on ESPN. The group name is "bracketologyblog" and the password is "blog." Group will stay open through Thursday night for entrants.

Craig and Chris


pokerplayr said...

Wow. You guys suck as badly in predicting the outcome of the tournament as you do in projecting the 65 teams selected.

Not even through the Sweet 16 yet and you are already down 5 of your combined 8 teams.

Great job.

Keep up the laughs !!!!!

Bracketology 101 said...


Sounds like someone needs a hobby (other than taking time out of your day EVERY DAY to criticize us). Before you do that, though, we'd love to see your brackets. For someone who is so quick to point out our incorrect picks, you're awful quiet as to what your picks are. Let's see what you have (I'm sure all 16 teams left)...and then please, do us a favor. Go outside, go for a run, learn to knit, do something. We're starting to feel like our site interferes too much with your daily life.

Thanks as always for the hate,
Chris and Craig

sportmania said...

I want to say right off that I respect your picks, and I mean no offense when I say:

Pokerplayr does have a point. Three of Craig's Final Four teams have been knocked out.( Don't feel bad, I picked Wake Forest to be in the Final Four) But Uconn and Oklahoma? Uconn lost Emeka Okafor and Ben Gordon in the offseason, and was replaced by Rudy Gay. Even if they did manage to get to the elite eight, Carolina would stomp all over them. And with Oklahoma? What about Duke, and Syracuse, and Michigan State, all much better teams. And don't think I forgot about you, Chris. Wake, again, I understand, and the Illini, that's a no brainer, but Uconn... UNC could lose to Villanova...

CGI said...

OK, I'll admit it, I'm a UConn homer, I went to school there and whenever I see them with a 5 seed or better in the tournament I can't help but to put them thru till the final 4, I just can't help myself and would feel like a trader if I didn't, and then after they lose (besides 2004 and 1999) I look back and realize that they really didn't have much of a chance but I tricked myself once again into believing they did, but mark my words...the Huskies will be in the Final Four next year so long as Rudy Gay stays (even with Villanueva gone)

pokerplayr said...

LOL...and here I thought you WANTED people to view the daily babble on your illustrious website. As I said befgore, looks like you can't stand the heat.

By the way, I love that you are cabaple of spelling Villanueva correctly, yet you are unable to correctly spell TRAITOR, not "trader", as in "and would feel like a trader if I didn't." Can't even grant you an allowance for a spelling error there.

You should ask for a refund on that UCONN education.