Saturday, March 05, 2005

Random Thoughts

Thoughts as the weeekend progresses.......

WVU's loss at Seton Hall is very damaging for them, they now probably have to win their quarterfinal Big East game, which will most likely be against BC, along with their opening round game.

Depaul can now not afford a bad loss in the opening round of the C-USA tourney against a bottom feeder.

Georgia Tech is looking good now, Maryland is not. ACC tourney should be interesting.

ND now needs to win their opening round Big East tourney game to feel safe.

After Miami-Ohio and Akron's losses today its tough to imagine a scenario where two MAC teams make the tourney. We here at Bracketology101 were happy to see Buffalo save us some face this week.

We never believed in Northern Iowa and their season is over.

Stanford saved their season today.

Is anyone that isn't a #1 seed playing better ball then UConn right now?

Iowa St. took care of business this week. They look pretty safe again.

Anyone notice Memphis has lost 4 in a row to finish the season? Bracketology101 is probably the only ones who never put them in our bracket.

If Indiana can get a win over Minnesota in their first game of the Big 10 tourney then they might end up as one of the last teams in, regardless of what they do in the semi's against Illinois.

Can it get any worse for Georgetown?

It's amazing how UAB went from completely out of the picture last week to looking pretty good now.

Texas is a lock now.

Does it get any bigger then Creighton vs. Wichita?

Too bad Ohio State is on probabtion - a good Big Ten tourney and they'd be dancin'.

How wide open was Matt Sylvester?

Illinois is still the top No. 1 seed - sorry Tar Heel fans.

Speaking of which, how can Carolina justify rushing on Duke? Higher rank, at home, favored, Duke didn't rush on them, you can't rush. Great comeback, but still. Relax.

Does anyone want the last 1 seed...anyone? Anyone?

Hey, Vermont, watch out for Northeastern.

SMS upsets Southern Illinois. Three for the MVC?

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