Thursday, February 24, 2005

Questions For The Competition

This is the latest edition of our popular weekly feature, where we call out our fellow bracketologists (including ourselves) and question why some teams are in, why some teams are out, and why some teams are seeded where they are seeded. It appears, just by looking at our rivals' predictions, that our questions and picks from last week have influenced their share of brackets.

This week's questions:

Joe Lunardi (ESPN)
Memphis wins two games and goes down a spot? Sounds like someone read last week's questions...
Should we really have to pay to read 90% of your site?
UAB last four out? West Virginia nowhere to be found?

Stewart Mandel (CNNSI)
What dorm did you live in at Marquette?
Miami over Virginia Tech? How is this possible?

Tony Mejia (CBS Sportsline)
How about a Monday update? Once?
Why so much faith in UTEP? Must be their recent hot streak.

Jerry Palm (CollegeRPI)
Are you and Lunardi waging some sort of Insider war?
Why do you rip Vanderbilt on the radio, and yet have them in this week's bracket?
ODU goes from a 6 to a 13? You're welcome for the advice.

David Mihm (Bracketography)
Where'd you get that Buffalo idea from?
I don't remember where I heard about Iowa State first...oh wait, yeah I do. Bracketology 101 - three days before you "broke the news."
Did you room with Mandel at Marquette?

Chris and Craig (Bracketology 101)
Which one of you went to Buffalo and which one of you went to Creighton?
How are those Oklahoma State and N.C. State picks working out for you?


Curt Weaver said...

What about the Hoosiers? What do they need to do to get in the tourney?

Bracketology 101 said...


The Hoosiers are in a tough spot. Their conference record is repectable (8-5), but they only have 13 wins, one notable win (Wisconsin), and an 82 RPI, which means anything short of winning out will probably not be enough.

That said, Indiana does have Michigan State at home and at Wisconsin left, so the opportunities to open some eyes (and improve their resume drastically) are there. They need to play every game like an elimination game from here on out. One loss likely means NIT.

Justin said...

As your questions indicate, there's a little bit of conflict in the ACC about which of the middling teams deserves a bid. You've got VT in - what do they have to do to keep a spot in your mind? Are the next two games must win or must they even get a sweep of the final three in order to grab a bid due to their RPI?

Bracketology 101 said...


This year's bubble is tough sort out thanks to teams like Virginia Tech and Memphis - awful RPIs, no out-of-conference wins, but solid conference records (and in the Hokies case a HUGE win over Duke).

How can Virginia Tech get in? Get to 9-7 in conference. If they can do that, history is on their side. Since 1992, 56 of the 59 ACC teams with a .500 or better conference record have received a bid, which bodes well for the 7-6 Hokies.

Another plus for Virginia Tech is that their last three games (at NC State, at Clemson, vs. Maryland) will all help their 100 RPI. A sweep would get them into the 70s, which is decent enough to make it.

Tech needs to go 2-1 down the stretch to finish at 9-7. A sweep to end the year makes them a lock, and would likely eliminate NC State. If the Hokies want to stay in, they MUST win Saturday against the Wolfpack, win one of their other two games, and then win a game in the ACC tournament. In the end, 9-7 is the key. It would be hard to see them missing out with a winning record in the top-rated conference in America.

Anonymous said...

If Temple wins the A-10 Tourney (which is possible) does it knock both GW & St Joes out? 15-10 (St Joes record is pretty weak @ this time of the year).

Bracketology 101 said...

Your scenario is very possible, yet only George Washington would be affected. St. Joseph's has no chance at an at-large bid, and needs to win the A-10 tourney to go dancing. GW, on the other hand, has built a good enough resume to warrant significant consideration for an at large bid, and can help their case even more with a win Tuesday over the Hawks. The Colonials can hang their hat on early season wins over Michigan State and Maryland and a decent RPI (mid-60s), and if they make it to the A-10 championship game, they should be in the field of 65.

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