Friday, February 18, 2005

Questions For The Competition

This is the first edition of a new weekly feature to Bracketology 101, where we call out our fellow bracketologists (including ourselves) and question why some teams are in, why some teams are out, and why some teams are seeded where they are seeded. The questions are based on original weekly picks, not on what has happened since picks were posted.

This week's questions:

Joe Lunardi (ESPN)
Can Indiana get a couple games above .500 before they reach "Last 4 Out" status?
Where's Iowa State and Arkansas? Behind Western Kentucky and UL-Lafayette?
How is Memphis a #9 seed?

Stewart Mandel (CNNSI)
What year did you graduate from Marquette?
UTEP and Nevada both a 12?

Tony Mejia (CBS Sportsline)
Did Memphis crack the RPI top 100 yet? (Nope - 109)
Iowa State - at large and bubble burst?
How about a Monday - and not a Wednesday - update?

Jerry Palm (CollegeRPI)
West Virginia "Last 4 Out"?
Would ODU ever get a #6 seed?

David Mihm (Bracketography)
If the season "ended today," how would TCU, Boston University, and Kent State be in?
Wichita State a 6 seed?
How does Iowa go from out to in? A "gutsy" loss and a win at home over a .500 team? Really, that gets them in?

Chris and Craig (Bracketology 101)
Why do you still have faith in UAB? Is it all those wins over Top 50 RPI teams?
Why did the first believers in LSU jump ship so quickly?


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