Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday's Games To Watch

George Washington at Xavier
Colonials have lost nine straight games at Xavier. Can they defend their Top 10 ranking?

North Carolina at Maryland
Terps need to bounce back from tough loss at Temple.

Nevada at Louisiana Tech
The WAC is a three-team race for one spot. This result will be big down the road.

Arizona at USC
Trojans must have this one to get some bubble consideration.

Stanford at Oregon
Four straight road games - starting with this one - will make or break Stanford's disappointing season.


Anonymous said...

Stanford will go 2-2 at best on this road trip. After the Oregon schools each got swept at home last week, they are ripe to upset Cal or Stanford. Stanford will be lucky to get a split in Oregon. Then next week, they have 2 very tough games. They could easily lose both of those.

Patrick Colon said...

Even though nevada has been a little sloppy lately,i believe they will take 8 of thier next 9 games and the WAC championchip and probably end up being a 5th or 6th seed in the dance.

Anonymous said...

wow! Stanford is living a charmed life. Oregon needs to bench Aaron Brooks. He continues to throw games away with his awful play in the clutch. Nevada has a good shot at an at large if they don't win the WAC tourney. There is also a good chance that both Air Force & SDSU would make tourney. Bet you guys would hate that since you seem to hate west coast teams.

Bracketology 101 said...

Come on don't hate on us like that. Craig (San Diego) is your west coast man and Chris (CT) is your east coast. Nevada would need to win its game at Utah State for an at large if they lose in the WAC tourney and we like SDSU and Air Force to both make the tourney.

Anonymous said...

Then why did you guys blast Lunardi for having 2 Mountain West teams in his bracket? How come USC gets no love from anyone? The PAC 10 could wind up with 5 teams to the dismay of ESPN & the other east coast lovers. Remember Dan Guerrero is on the selection committee. He won't let the east coast bias ruin everything. There is no question the ACC is down this year.

Bracketology 101 said...

We just don't like it when fellow bracketologist's put in teams from a conference just because that team is in first place at the time. I mean all these people have La Tech in from the WAC just because they are in first place when they suck and the only reason they are in first is because they have played all the bottom teams from the conference. And at the time when we criticized Lunardi was when he was putting SDSU and Air Force both in when Air Force sat in third place. So he is basically saying that Air Force could finish the season in third place in conference and lose in the MWC tourney and still get a bid, which would not happen. Since then Air Force won at UNLV and moved into second while SDSU won at Wyoming. This turn of events made us believe that SDSU has what it takes to win the MWC tourney and with many other bubble teams falling Air Force can get an at large bid even if they do finish second to SDSU in conference.

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