Thursday, February 02, 2006

Random Thoughts

Tough break for SIU that they had to face Indiana State the first game they got Moss back. Their game Saturday at Wichita State is enormous now.

Tough loss for Xavier against GW. They needed it for their resume which is unimpressive and the only chance they will get to improve on it is in the A-10 tourney.

Wisc.-Milwaukee and ODU killed their at-large chances. Big conferences will benefit.

Syracuse was seconds from being out.

Creighton sweeps UNI and will also likely jump them in seeding.

With Wichita State and SIU's remaining schedules, the MVC might not get four teams after all.

Chris Hernandez may single-handedly save Stanford's season.

Quincy Douby isn't bad either. What's up with all these 40-point games this year?

Enough with the Doug Flutie reaction shots.

Maryland is going to have a real tough time getting to 8-8 in conference. It could be a rerun of last year's late-season skid for the Terps.

Louisiana Tech showed their true colors a little bit against Nevada. Tech hasn't won a big game yet, and with their remaining schedule, holding onto the WAC's top spot will be a difficult task.


Anonymous said...

If Temple hangs close with Duke and makes the A-10 finals are they in?

SIU needs to win the regular season to make it and that will be difficult......

Anonymous said...

After Saturday Nebraska will be 15-6 with a quality win over Marquette. Does this open the door a bit for them if they can remain .500 or better in conference play?

Northern Arizona is a team I would not want to play in the first round of the NCAAs

Bracketology 101 said...

Temple also has some tough road games left this season that they will need to win as well. But if they get second place in the A-10 and make it to the final and lose (to GW) then they should get a bid.

SIU's problem is that their remaining conference schedule is brutal. They don't need to get first in conference though. If they can win 4 out of their last 6 in conference, beat La Tech in the BracketBuster, and not get upset in the conference tourney then they can feel pretty safe.

Nebraska will need to get to at least 9-7 in conference because 8-8 won't be enough out of the Big 12 this year. If they can do that they have a good shot.