Friday, February 10, 2006

Bracketology 101's Top 10 Bubble Match-ups This Weekend

This week's Top 10 ranks the weekend's biggest match-ups featuring at least one bubble team. The next two days will be critical for a handful of struggling big conference and mid-major teams. Some face tough road tests and others will try to stop a recent losing skid at home against a quality opponent. As always, we welcome your comments, and we invite our readers to post their own lists. Enjoy...

Top 10 Biggest Bubble Match-ups This Weekend
Match-ups were ranked on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale by the three voters.

1. Stanford at Gonzaga 28
2. Iowa State at Kansas 24
3. North Carolina at Miami 21
4. Syracuse at St. John's 17
5. Tennessee at Georgia 15
6. Texas Tech at Colorado 14
7. Iowa at Indiana 12
8. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh 11
8 (tie). Southern Illinois at Creighton 11
10. Missouri State at Northern Iowa 9

Also receiving votes: Oregon State at Arizona


andy said...

Stanford will beat Gonzaga. Stanford is on a rise scince their early season sruggles and Gonzaga is falling after that game against St. Marys. Gonzaga is overated and assumes they'll win especially in their confrence. A npn-conference game is just what they need to wake them up.

andy said...

Duke will lose to Maryland. Call me crazy, but they will. Maryland has had many disapointments which will be a driving motive. They are at home and have already played this year at Duke, which gives maryland knowledge about the team.

Ever since 12:30 of the second half in the game against BC, Duke has been playing poorly. First they let BC get back into the game, then went to OT against Florida State and gave up another considerable lead to North Carolina and barely won that game. Theres also the critisism that Duke gets favored by the refs. Duke is ready for a loss and Maryland is ready for a win.

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