Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bracketology 101's Field of 65 - Feb. 12

Here is Chris and Craig's latest field:

Last Four In
Missouri State, UAB, Arkansas, Hofstra

Last Four Out
Florida State, Cincinnati, Stanford, Vanderbilt

In This Week
Missouri State, Arkansas, Hofstra, Akron, Georgia Southern, Pacific

Out This Week
Stanford, Miami (FL), Iowa State, Kent State, Davidson, UC-Irvine

Conference Breakdown
(Automatic bids in multiple-bid conferences are the first teams listed.)
Big East (8), Big Ten (7), SEC (6), ACC (5), MVC (5), Big 12 (4), PAC-10 (4), C-USA (2), Colonial (2)

America East - Albany

ACC - Duke, North Carolina State, Boston College, North Carolina, Maryland

Atlantic Sun - Lipscomb

A-10 - George Washington

Big East - UConn, Villanova, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Georgetown, Marquette, Seton Hall, Syracuse

Big Sky - Northern Arizona

Big South - Winthrop

Big Ten - Ohio State, Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana

Big 12 - Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado

Big West - Pacific

Colonial - George Mason, Hofstra

C-USA - Memphis, UAB

Horizon - Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ivy - Penn

Metro Atlantic - Iona

MAC - Akron


MEAC - Delaware State

MVC - Northern Iowa, Creighton, Wichita State, Southern Illinois, Missouri State

MWC - San Diego State

Northeast - Fairleigh Dickinson

Ohio Valley - Murray State

PAC-10 - UCLA, Washington, California, Arizona

Patriot - Bucknell

SEC - Tennessee, Florida, LSU, Alabama, Kentucky, Arkansas

Southern - Georgia Southern

Southland - Northwestern State

SWAC - Southern

Sun Belt - Western Kentucky

WAC - Nevada

WCC - Gonzaga

The Seeds

The 1s
UConn, Duke, Memphis, Texas

The 2s
Villanova, Tennessee, Gonzaga, Ohio State

The 3s
Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Illinois, West Virginia

The 4s
George Washington, Iowa, Florida, UCLA

The 5s
Boston College, Georgetown, North Carolina State, North Carolina

The 6s
Kansas, LSU, Oklahoma, Washington

The 7s
Northern Iowa, Bucknell, Wisconsin, Creighton

The 8s
Michigan, Wichita State, California, Nevada

The 9s
Marquette, Southern Illinois, Arizona, Seton Hall

The 10s
Alabama, Kentucky, Colorado, Maryland

The 11s
Syracuse, UAB, George Mason, Missouri State

The 12s
Indiana, Arkansas, Hofstra, San Diego State

The 13s
Western Kentucky, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Iona, Akron

The 14s
Northwestern State, Winthrop, Northern Arizona, Pacific

The 15s
Penn, Albany, Murray State, Georgia Southern

The 16s
IUPUI, Delaware State, Fairleigh Dickinson, Lipscomb (Play-In Game), Southern (Play-In Game)

The Bracket

This Week's Bracket

Bracket courtesy Matt Reeves.

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Anonymous said...

Colorado has no business in your bracket. Iowa State crushed them & the Clones are NIT bound. Miami at least has some quality wins. Florida State & Vanderbilt at least have some quality wins. Colorado should not be in the bracket. Basically you are rewarding the Buffs for playing a soft schedule & beating nobody worth note. Will you finally jerk them when Oklahoma beats them in Boulder?
Thank god you guys aren't really on the selection committee. It is asinine for a team with that awful of resume to get in. If Colorado was in a mid major conference, you wouldn't have them in. But since they are in the Big 12, you let their pathetic resume slide. very sad

Bracketology 101 said...

We expect a lot of comments about Colorado this week, but here was our rationale for keeping them in this week's bracket. This week more than ever, we looked at each bubble team's remaining schedule, and figured out a best case scenario for them the rest of the way. In Colorado's case, we know all the negatives, and understand that their best win is UNC-Wilmington. That said, they are still 6-4 in the Big 12 and should be ableto win four of their six remaining games (Oklahoma, @Kansas State, @Nebraska, Missouri, @Kansas, and Iowa State). That would get them to 10-6, and while the Buffs were left out of the Dance in 2004 with a 10-6 conference mark, this year we think could be different. There aren't many quality at-large candidates this year, and Colorado would have a better conference record and RPI than most if not all of them at the end of the season.

Miami does indeed have better wins than Colorado, but already has 10 losses and with games at BC and at Duke this week, they have a good shot at being 14-12 and 6-7 in conference by Sunday. Their 82 RPI isn't very attractive either. Vanderbilt was one of our last four out this week after completing a season sweep of Kentucky. The Commodores' problem is similar to Miami's in that they have a tough road left and too much ground to make up. They are 4-6 in the SEC, and still have games with Florida, LSU, and Tennessee left. Even if they win one of those three at home, they still have to go on the road to Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi. If they go 1-2 at home the rest of the way, they would need to sweep their road games just to get to 8-8. That probably won't be enough to get a bid. If they can somehow get to 9-7, they would almist certainly have a better case than Colorado.

GD said...

"colorado should be able to win four of six" wow. i think that's a stretch. only the missouri game looks like an "automatic"

GD said...

rutgers "should be able to win four of five"...a better chance than colorado. would they then deserve a bid at 8-8? hell no. but they'd at least have wins over marquette and temple...better than anything the buffs have done.

Anonymous said...

How do you have more SEC teams than ACC teams.....if you only take 5 from the ACC, there's no way you can take 6 from the SEC. I know the ACC is having a rough year, but they're hands down better than the SEC. The only reason Kentucky is in there is because of their rep, which is ridiculous, if they make it this year, than MD should have made it last year, or else i think the comittee is very shady and play favortism.....i agree with MD being a 10 seed but i think they're better than all the 7's, 8's, 9's and 10's and will prove it by season end.....j.j. redick is not player of the year, the only thing he is, is shooter of the year, he hands down is the best shooter, but he plays awful defense, and the refs have bailed him out way too many times this in the world does he lead the ACC in free throw attempts per game, that is a disgrace, and clearly shows the favortism he gets, he rarely takes it to the basket and he averages more free throw attempts than the top big men in the league, now come on, lets be realistic here.....if you watch game film he does these awful pump fakes than just leans into his opponents and forces contact when they are standing with their hands straight up, and they automatically call a foul.....he pushes off, and leans in more than anyone in the country, oh except for Paulus who pushes off every time he brings the ball up the court, and hand checks every time on defense.....we've gotta put a stop to these tick tack fouls called on Redick, its a disgrace to the game.....there's no way an outside shooter should be leading the conference in free throw attempts during a game, its just unrealistic, so almost a third of his points per game are freebies from the refs, but the pro duke media will never say a word about it, and act like it doesn't happen, and praise him till he dies, just like every other Duke player who goes on to have awful NBA careers with the exception of Elton Brand....coincidence??...i think not...............and as for Indiana, if they do not beat Penn State this week, I would take them out, because they will lose to Illinois

Anonymous said...

it is a complete joke that colorado is in the bracket. they have done NOTHING to earn an at large slot. you know damn well that if cu was a mid major you would snub them. it is very hypocritical to allow them in just because they are in a bcs conference. where are the buffaloes great wins at? please explain why you put such an undeserving team in your bracket?

Anonymous said...

Maryland has a bad resume itself. It wouldn't be a shock if the Terps missed the tourney this year also. The SEC deserves more teams than the ACC. Florida beat both Miami & FSU. The ACC is down big time this year. GW whipped Maryland, Michigan State beat BC, Illinois beat UNC, a very mediocre Louisville team beat Miami. Arizona ripped apart Virginia as Michigan did with Georgia Tech.
Maryland played a very soft non-conference schedule. Minnesota didn't have Vincent Grier when they played MD. MD will likely lose their remaining 4 road games. The Terps are lucky they only have to play Clemson once this year. ESPN may not like it, but the ACC is down this year.

Anonymous said...

* Michigan State pounded G Tech. Michigan blew out Miami

Anonymous said...

you're going a little overboard with these games.......GW did not whip MD, they beat them in a tight one.....MSU barely beat GT, GT had the ball down 2 at the end of the game, and the game was at Michigan State, not too impressive considering GT is at the bottom of the ACC, and they beat B.C. in a tight one at home, not that impressive either, what about MD beating Arkansas, forgot about that one, or N.C. State winning at Alabama, or the worst team in the conference Wake Forest winning against Wisconsin, yeah Virgina, Miami and UNC struggled early because they have all new players this year, took them a little while to gel, Illinois barely beat a brand new UNC team, not that impressive.....i think you forgot to mention that the ACC won the ACC/Big Ten challenge without Boston College, so you're little post was overexaggerated and backed up with no facts on these "whipped" for MD, they've only had one blowout loss that was at Duke, other than that, they have been right there in every single loss.....and they always struggle in late January and early February and then turn it on....last year was a joke they didn't get into the tourney, they only had 9 losses and beat Duke twice who was a one seed, yeah so what Clemson shot lights out against and we couldn't beat them, it happens, there were some teams that had no big wins on their resume that got in over them, because they had a very weak schedule, if you sweep a one seed, you can play with anyone in the country and belong in the tourney....especially with only 9 losses

Bracketology 101 said...

We need to start getting our facts straight here. Maryland was 16-12 last year when they didn't make the tourney and they lost their last 4 games.

In regards to the comment that you can't take 6 SEC and only 5 ACC once again we'll go with the old mantra that teams get bids not conferences. And right now the teams in the middle pack of the ACC (Maryland, FSU, Miami and Virginia) just keep beating up on each other and can't get a big win to put them over the hump. FSU just missed out on a bid this week and will have plenty of chances to prove themselves down the stretch (@NC St., Maryland, Duke).

You can go on all day about who beat who and this conference is better then that one because of this win or that win. The Big Ten and the Big East are the two best conferences this year. After that you have the SEC and ACC. The teams at the bottom of the ACC are better then the teams at the bottom of the Big East and the Big Ten (although the bottom teams in the Big 10 have played well lately). But the top of the ACC is not that strong (besides Duke) which is evident in the seeding.

As for Colorado we covered that in our last post and we have to put 65 teams in (even if sometimes we might not want to). It's hard to make a convincing argument that any of the teams we left out deserve a bid over Colorado. Their lack of quality wins is evident but everyone else's bad losses overshadow it.

Natty544 said...

I don't think its fair that UVA gets so little respect. They don't have a lot of losses by that much and nobody even looks at there NCAA chances. They were supposed to finish last in the ACC but now they're like 5th (6-5). Couldn't they pull out a large win at carolina or somewhere and be in the running?

Bracketology 101 said...

Virginia is still on our bubble so long as they stay above .500 in conference. Their remaining schedule is tough and they have some bad losses which hurt them. If they can get to 9-7 in the ACC and beat either BC or UNC down the stretch (games left against Maryland and at FSU are huge too) they will be in the mix going into the ACC tourney. They definetly have a chance to play their way into the tournament if they can win down the stretch.

Anonymous said...

my bad i meant 9 losses outside of those three losses to Clemson, i mean i could undestand why they were left out, but the teams that made it in over them, MD was hands down better than, and everyone knew it, but 12 losses is pretty tough, it was just so hard for me to overlook the sweep of Duke, and a 2 point loss late in the season to UNC that came down to the wire, but enough of the horrible least Gary has these kids out there laying everything on the line, i admit they're not the most talented, basically no real point guard, and they lose their best all around player for gotta give Gary and Caner Medley credit for giving everything to get back into the tourney, they've lost some tough ones the last two weeks, but i think they'll go on a nice run to end the season and hopefully can make a real nice run in the ACC tourney to get to like a 6 or 7 seed

Anonymous said...

Not true. Michigan State and BC played in New York at the Jimmy V Classic. Are you saying Clemson shot lights out all 3 times they played Maryland? WHo cares if MD beat Dook twice? They had several bad losses that overshadowed that. VIrginia Tech beat Maryland. the Terps got killed by Clemson in the 1st round of ACC tourney. even though it was held in D.C. Maryland played horrible down the stretch last year. They did not deserve a bid.

Chris & Craig are 100% wrong about Colorado. They do not belong in the bracket.

Anonymous said...

Maryland could miss the tournament again this year. UNC & Duke both soundly beat the Terps on their home court. MD also has a tough schedule down the stretch.

Andrew said...

Serious question: what does GW have to do, in your mind, to earn a #2/#3 seed? Win out? Win the A-10 tournament? Change the name on the backs of their jerseys to "Georgetown?"

I understand the A-10 is a crappy conference, but what exactly is GW supposed to do? They can't schedule marquee nonconference games (except on the road and at the scheduling whim of the marquee school; see NC State this year), so they don't have much of an opportunity to pick up other quality wins.

Sure, GW isn't Duke or U.Conn. Nobody thinks they deserve the #1 seed in the DC bracket. But do they really deserve to drop behind 10-12 more schools just because they lost one game?? I mean, you've got Tennessee as a #2 seed -- and they lost to 13-11 Oklahoma State! Pittsburgh lost to a crappy St. John's team, and West Virginia lost to Marshall. Those teams (rightly) get forgiven for one off night; why doesn't GW?

Bracketology 101 said...

It may be "unfair," but the best seed the Colonials can hope for, even if they run the table, is a 3 seed. Their strength of schedule and RPI just does not stack up with the teams ahead of them in the bracket. It's hard to knock a team that might go through a season with one loss, but the A-10 is way down this year, which hurts GW's case quite a bit. The teams you mentioned all lost one bad game, but they have plenty of quality Top 25 and Top 50 wins to cancel that loss out. GW doesn't have that. It's not their fault - they can play the teams on their schedule, but unfortunately for them those teams are pretty poor. Just like Gonzaga for similar reasons was never rewarded with a really high seed when they started their NCAA run, neither will GW this year.

matt said...

Think the 4 seed is a bit too high for GW. Who have they beaten that is gonna be in the field? Plus they embarrassed by NC St.

Anonymous said...

4 seed is about right for GW. They played a cream puff OOC schedule & play in a terrible conference. In they wins out & win A10 tourney they could move up to a 3. But I don't think they should be higher than a 4.

Anonymous said...

That is a stupid comparison. Pitt & Tennessee have solid wins under their belt. The Vols beat a great Texas team in Austin, Florida, UK, Vandy. Pitt beat West Virginia, Syracuse, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Marquette, & Cincy.

You also cannot ignore the fact that GW is ranked 37th in the RPI. Sorry but GW hasn't beaten enough good teams to earn a very high seed

Anonymous said...

virginia has a lot of work to do. they have 2 bad losses to teams outside the top 100. their only top 50 win is UNC. playing Longwood will hurt their RPI as Longwood is ranked outside the top 300. Also, none of their remaining 5 ACC games are easy. They will have trouble to win any of those games. i see uva in the NIT come March.

Anonymous said...

If Memphis runs the table, are they a lock for a 1 seed? I was just wondering if the weak CUSA would hurt their RPI too much

Pradamaster said...

First time visiter. I really like this bracket and agree with most of the seeding. It was not so far off from the bracket I made for this week (not posted, sorry). My only question is, how do you determine conference champions. For example, you have Hofstra and George Mason both in the tournament despite the fact that George Mason has a 2 game lead on Hofstra and it would be difficult to argue that Hofstra has much of an at-large profile. Does that mean you believe Hofstra will win the CAA, and if so, why? Also, how do you determine conference champions? Do you use the Joe Lunardi method (pick the current conference leader), or do you project those too, or somewhere in between?

As for Colorado in the bracket, I agree, it's hard to find anyone who deserves it more. Between them and UNCW, they beat them, so their profile looks better. My guess is that these arguments will not matter come Selection Sunday because I feel like there will be lots of upsets this year in conference tournaments, thinning out the at-large pool. But I agree that it's hard to find anyone who deserves to make the tournament over Colorado, especially after fellow bubble teams like Utah State, Miami, Air Force, and Iowa State have slipped up recently.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Andrew said...

To me, it's a pretty straightforward question: would Tennessee (#2 seed), Pittsburgh (#3), or West Virginia (#3) be 20-1 if they played GW's schedule?

The answer is clearly "no", because each of those teams has lost to teams that are much worse than the teams GW has beaten. If you lose games to teams like Oklahoma State or St. John's, then there's no way you're going to go 16-0 in the Atlantic 10. If St. John's can beat you, then so can Rhode Island, Dayton, or U.Mass -- to say nothing of the relatively good teams in the A-10 (like Temple, Xavier, and Charlotte). But they couldn't beat GW.

As I said in my initial post, *nobody* is saying that GW would be 20-1 if they played in the ACC or the Big East. If that were the case, they'd be a 1 seed.

But if you look at the profiles of the teams getting 2 and 3 seeds, it seems beyond obvious that those teams would *NOT* be 20-1 even with GW's soft schedule.

Now, turn to GW's only loss. That game was against NC State during their best run of the year. At NC State. On NC State's schedule, which was revised at the last minute to accomodate NC State's football bowl game.

I'm not sure any team in the country could have won under those conditions. Maybe U.Conn, maybe Texas, maybe Villanova. Maybe. But again, those are teams that clearly *are* better than GW and deserve #1 seeds.

That's not my point. My point is that the next tier of schools -- Gonzaga, West Virginia, Tennessee, Pitt, Florida, Georgetown, etc. -- are all clearly comparable to GW, and yet those schools are projecting as #2/#3 seeds, while GW projects here (and on ESPN, etc.) as a #4/#5. That doesn't seem right.

Anonymous said...

The question is not could Gonzaga, Tenn, etc go 20-1 with GW's schedule, but rather, could GW do as well as those schools have with a real schedule. Regardless of what any of us might think, GW's schedule has left all of us without very little idea of how good they really are. Could they have beaten UW, Pitt, Florida, etc as the other teams you have listed off have? We don't really know.

The bottom line with GW, and the reason that IMO they are not going to get any higher than a 5 seed, is they have 0.5 quality wins. (Maryland.) That's it. I don't care how many losses you have, the selection comittee has shown over and over it cares more about quality wins.

Andrew said...

Isn't that the same question, though? I mean, nobody can answer the question "Would GW beat Texas?" with anything but a wild-ass-guess at this point.

What you can do is compare how GW has handled their schedule to how other teams have fared against comparable competition, and make a reasonable estimation from there. And there, I think, GW stacks up at a level commensurate with their poll rating -- not a clear #1, but better than the teams that are currently projecting out as 3 seeds.

So if GW has handled their competition vs. teams outside the top 50 at least as well as, say, Tennessee -- and they have -- then it's reasonable to think that GW could have beaten the same teams Tennessee did if they'd had the chance.

Of course, they didn't have the chance for all the reasons described above. But again, that's **not GW's fault**. Why should Xavier's collapse or Temple's and St. Joe's inconsistency or Duquesne's crappiness be held against them? Yes, GW has only one real quality win (over Maryland WITH McCray, in a "neutral" site that was probably 80% Terps fans), but what else are they supposed to do?

Bottom line: I'm sure GW would jump at the chance to join the Big East or the ACC if invited -- but as long as that's not an option, I'm not really sure how anyone can penalize them for going 18-0 against teams outside the top 50, particularly when none of their comparables have done as well.

Anonymous said...

The GW fan has a bogus argument. The reason those other teams slip up once in a while is because they play tough game after tough game in their respective conferences. GW will be exposed as a fraud in March

Natty544 said...

....As for me being a big Virginia fan, I kind of believe you guys are right about them not making the NCAA tournament. It's definitly possible if they could get some huge wins. There is also the ACC tournament in which they could be very suprising. Look at next year for them though because new coach, new stadium,and there starting lineup is 2 freshmen, 2 sophmores, and a jounior

Bracketology 101 said...


We don't just plug in whoever is first in the conference as automatic bid for that conference. All our auto bids are the teams listed first on the conference lines above our seeding. We think it's stupid to just pick the first place teams in the conference and give them the auto bid because that isn't realistic (i.e. when La Tech was in first a few weeks ago in the WAC before they played Nevada or Utah State). In the next few weeks if we see a team that we think can run the table in their conference tourney and get the auto bid then we will put them in our field instead of just giving another at-large bid to an undeserving big conference team. That will help the bracket look more realistic as well since a few teams will be able to pull of upsets in their conference tourney and steal a bid. Although I don't think we'll see as much of that this year as in year's past. Gonzaga and Nevada are playing on their home courts in their conference tourney's, while nobody has proven that they can beat GW or Memphis yet. As for Hofstra we like their chances at getting an at-large bid because of their remaining schedule.

Anonymous said...

This blog is a complete joke.

No college basketball fan who takes the sport seriously would have Colorado in their bracket.

Anonymous said...

I like Wichita State to be a 4 or 5 seed. What are your thoughts on that and the quality of basketball in the MVC this year?

Anonymous said...

Why do Chris & Craig love Colorado so much?

Oklahoma 73
Colorado 66

Andrew said...

Last night is another case-in-point: West Virginia drops yet another game to a team (Seton Hall) that's virtually indistinguishable from the Temple/Xavier/St.Joe teams that GW has gone 5-0 against. Oh, and Michigan State gets beaten badly (albeit on the road to a quality Iowa team).

I even sort of agree with the anonymous sentiment -- the only way to gauge whether GW is a "fraud" is to play the games. But we won't get a true picture if the committee seeds GW artificially low and they wind up against a powerhouse in the second- or third round.

If GW winds up seeded #7 and gets matched up against a team like Villanova or Texas in the second round and loses, does that prove they're a fraud? Not in my book.

Similarly, if GW winds up as a #5 seed and is matched against U.Conn or Duke in the Sweet 16 and loses, does that show they're a fraud? Again, not in my book.

The best way to test GW is to seed them at a level that's appropriate to their record -- one of the low #2s or high #3s, and then see how they match up against a 6/7 seed (LSU?) in the second round, and then another 2/3 seed like the teams I've gone on about above in the Sweet 16. That's the only real way to see if they're a "fraud" or not.

Bracketology 101 said...

If GW wins out they will be no lower then a 4 and most likely a 3.

Anonymous said...

Seton Hall won at NC State. GW got blistered at NC State. If GW is as good as you say they are, they will be beat the powehouses. As a 3 seed, GW will get to face a 2 seed such as Iowa, Texas, Tennessee, Pitt, or Florida. But IMO, GW will lose their second round game to a 6 seed such as LSU, Wisconsin, North Carolina, NC State, or Washington.

GW is not nearly as good as that fan claims. The tourney will prove this out. GW's win over Maryland keeps looking less great more every day. GW won't even make the sweet 16

Anonymous said...

Secret for you ~~~ either LaSalle or Temple puts dowm GW in tornament........where does that lave the seeded and who does it bunp??

Andrew said...

1. GW's win over Maryland in December isn't impressive? That's ridiculous. That was the Terps WITH Chris McCray playing in a venue that was 85+% Maryland fans -- the same Terps that beat Boston College. So let's not get ridiculous. It's a fair criticism to say that GW has only one quality win (in two tries); it's just sour grapes to try and denigrate that win.

2. North Carolina and NC state are #4/#5 seeds, not #6 seeds. As for the other teams you mention, you've got to be kidding: LSU and Wisconsin each have 7 losses, including games to relatively crappy teams like Houston, Alabama, Wake, Purdue, and that NCAA powerhouse, North Dakota State.

I'll take GW any day of the week over a team that can lose to Purdue.

3. The final game of the A-10 tourney is the same afternoon as Selection Sunday. Assuming GW wins out until that point, they'd be 27-1 and on a 19-game winning streak, so my guess is that having to seed someone like Temple or La Salle (or perhaps Charlotte or Xavier?) would bump the last at-large (Colorado??), I doubt the committee would re-jigger the top of the bracket all that much. Obviously, if GW were right on the verge of getting the 2 line, it would definitely cost them that.

Anonymous said...

LSU & Wisconsin are both in line for 6 seeds. And yes the Maryland win is not impressive. MD is an NIT team. Many teams have wins over NIT teams. WHy should GW get more credit for theirs? GW has a very blah resume. Their schedule sucks. I agree with the previous poster, it is highly likely another team such as Temple of Charlotte wins the A 10 tourney. GW fans have counted their chickens before the hatched. Why is that GW fan so scared of playing DUke?

Anonymous said...

GW struggled to beat a putrid Massachusetts team.

Andrew said...

The second-to-last "Anonymous" poster clearly has reading comprehension issues.

1. I agree LSU and Wisconsin are in line for #6 seeds, and I'm not the slightest bit worried about GW facing a team that lost to the likes of Purdue or Houston in the second round.

2. Nobody's talking about Duke, so I don't get that at all.

3. You're an idiot if you can't differentiate between Maryland WITH Chris McCray, the Maryland team that beat then-#6 Boston College, and the bubbly Terps team playing right now.

4. Yeah, that U.Mass game was ugly.

Anonymous said...

Ok let me get this right...Kentucky a #10 seed??? I can just tell ya that alot of the Big Blue faithful think that the only way the Cats will make to the field of 65 is win the SEC tournament!! I am a diehard Wildcat fan, but I would not even put them in the NCAA, but NIT. Get the true facts straight and look at other programs who deserve a shot.

Anonymous said...

nobody is talking about duke an gonzaga an they both have potential coplayers in reddick an morrison duke should be the overall 1 if they dont falter down the stretch because of uconn's lost

Pradamaster said...

George Washington's win against Maryland was a good win, but it was against a team who's weakness (lack of PGS, ball handling) plays right into George Washington's strengths (pressure defense). George Washington plays a scrappy style that is successful against many team, but as the NC State game shows, they are not as successful against a disciplined team. If GW plays Wisconsin, I think they will struggle. If they play LSU, they will do a lot better. A lot depends, but I can't take GW seriously as a contender (and this is a guy from the DC area) because they cannot beat a disciplined club. We can talk all we want about bad losses, good wins, and the like, but we aren't looking at the teams. GW matches up extremely well with Maryland, and they don't against many other teams on a quasi-similar level like Illinois, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, NC State, etc. I would say GW loses in Round 2, depending on the draw

Anonymous said...

All you can talk about is G.W..What about The Air Force (Mens) Team..They deserve to be in field of 65...And UCLA at least a 3rd seed.


all that u guys are talking about is GW but theres a team in the MAC no one is showing any love for and that is KENT STATE! They have had plenty of big/key wins this year. Sure they started out sluggish with a loss to Delaware State but they are being overlooked. Watch for my team Kent state possibly being a dangerous threat come March.

James said...

I was happy to see that Colorado beat No.19 OU 84-75 in Boulder for that elusive "quality" win and the proof that they might just belong in the tournament. It couldn't have come at a better time for them with the win being nationally televised and two straight games on the road coming up. Despite all of the talk about CU not haveing any big wins thus far this season, that's not exactly true. Well, at least not by Colorado standards. The Buffs beat both Oklahoma State and Missouri on the road before these teams hit their downward spirals. The victory over Missori snapped an 8-game home winning streak for Mizzou, five-game overall, and the win at OSU was the Buffs' first since 1981.

It also should not be forgotten that just a week ago this CU team was in the top 25 at No. 25 in the coaches' poll. Sure, they dropped two straight at Iowa State and Texas A&M, but the loss to the Aggies could've easily gone the other way had some key free throws been made down the stretch. The Buffs have struggled from the line all season, shooting just over 60 percent, but had not lost a game because of this handicap. That finally happened against the Aggies and CU has since turned a corner, hitting 81 and 89 percent in its last two wins - the team's top two performances in the Big 12 this season.

With that said, this a better Colorado team than the one that was voted into the top 25 three weeks ago. That is, if they can keep hitting their free throws. They are also a more mature team after not handling the pressure or excitment of the ranking very well - the team's first since 1997. In an article published today, Richard Roby admits he and his team got a little "big-headed" after the ranking, but have since put things in perspective. We'll see if that's true after the OU win and the Buffs hit the road in a scenerio very similar to that faced after breaking into the polls. If CU can pull out the win this weekend against KSU, a team they beat 79-75 Jan. 28, it will have shown its composure and belong in the tournament.

James said...

My mistake, CU shot 86 percent from the line against OU.

Anonymous said...

Andrew keeps missing the point. Teams that play in a tough conference will lose a game or 2 they shouldn't because of the grind of playing good teams every game. In contrast, GW gets to play soft teams in the A 10. Kansas would destroy da Colonials if they played. Florida's big guys would beat Pops & LSU flunk out Regis. Is his GPA over 2.0 yet? Pitt and Georgetown would overwelm GW. Your not in the A-10 anymore Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew said...

Well, *that* stellar display of wit, spelling, and grammar certainly has me convinced. :)

I know you're just a troll, but Kansas? Are you kidding me? In case you hadn't remembered, Kansas lost to St. Joe's -- who, in turn, got swept by GW. So, um, I'm not really sure what you're going for there.

Cortany H. said...

IMHO, George Washington should be seeded no higher than a 6. No offense to cute lil Andy, but do you pay any attention whatsoever to college basketball? KU is a very young team that keeps improving with every game. The baby Jayhawks were struggling early in the season. As a Hawk fan, I couldn't stop laughing when cute lil Andy said that George Washington would beat KU. I hope KU gets that chance.

Anonymous said...

no one outside of the who-cares conf. cares about GW. minnesota, even penn state would crush GW.GW can not even come close to hanging with the big boys of the big-10.GW is NIT material at best.

Anonymous said...

where's Louisvile

Just jokin

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