Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday's Games to Watch

Big East Tourney
Syracuse vs. UConn
The Orange were not even competitive with the Huskies during their two regular season meetings, but if the Orange can pull off the upset here they would be in the field of 65.

Pittsburgh vs. West Virginia
This rubber match is a battle for a top 4 tourney seed.

ACC Tourney
Wake Forest vs. Florida State
The ACC homers think that the Seminoles are automatically in since they ended up 9-7 in conference play, but FSU must win this one to get a bid.

Georgia Tech vs. Maryland
The Terps are still on the fringe of the bubble and will need at least 2 wins in tourney play to have a shot at a bid.

Pac-10 Tourney
Stanford vs. Arizona
A win for the Wildcats would make them a lock (which may be tough without Adams).

USC vs. Cal
As long as the Bears can avoid the upset here then they can feel safe come Sunday.

Other Conference Tourney Matchups
Temple vs. George Washington
GW will have to try to earn the auto bid without Pops, which gives A-10 teams a great chance to pull off the upset and steal a bid.

Blazers need to make it to the championship game to really feel safe.

Minnesota vs. Michigan
We think if the Wolverines can pick up the W here they can feel safe on Sunday even with their poor finish.

Mississippi vs. Kentucky
As long as the Wildcats can avoid the upset here they are a lock.


Anonymous said...

Why dont you guys post more updates as the day's action progresses ?

I am finding a lot of other sites that do a lot beter job of keeping up with the action.

Anonymous said...

Can we now finally move GW down to a 6 seed where they belong?

Anonymous said...

i think UAB is a lock for the tourney and also that they will pull off a first round upset as a 10 or 11 seed

Anonymous said...

i think that UAB is a lock for the tourney and that they will pull off a first round upset as a 10 or 11 seed

Anonymous said...

if pitt can beat West virgina they should be a 4 seed an GW should drop to a 6

Anonymous said...

figures...the past four years i have been in college and able to watch the early games during conference tourney week and most of the games were duds, now that I am working full time i miss a couple great games already....can someone please describe to me mcnamara's three again....this guy is clutch!!

Bracketology 101 said...

We'll be doing updates during the day tomorrow and Saturday. It's tough on weekdays with our first jobs. GW's seed will take a pretty big hit. Sorry I missed the McNammara three that sent it into overtime. I did see the easy runners that Williams missed in overtime though. GW's loss and Syracuse's win may be devastating for the CAA and Cinci.

Anonymous said...

Down goes GW.

Down goes CT.

What an afternoon...........

GW looks like a three seed.

Douglas said...

McNamara just dribbled down the court and pulled up at the NBA 3 line and drained it. It was a lot prettier than yesterday's shot but his late game heroics keep coming. UCONN missed so many open close shots during the game I was surprised they were able to come back and even make it close.

Anonymous said...

FSU is about to lose, if the Terps win two will that make them the 5th team from the ACC?

Anonymous said...

Too bad...I was hoping to see FSU draw one of the "overrated" MVC teams in the NCAAs. Maybe they can have Creighton in the NIT.

Eric Z said...

Wow. What an afternoon so far.

1) Anyone can win the A-10 now. Even LaSalle, Fordham, and X have a chance
2) If Md loses today or tomorrow, I think the ACC gets 4, and that's it.
3) Michigan should be out now, too, with their loss.
4) Kentucky is starting to pull away now from Ole Miss. Geesh - if they would have lost, too, would Kentucky have been in jeopardy?
5) Syracuse is obiviously in. I think Cincinnati is in and Seton Hall is out. Cincinnati / SH will be the two hardest cases on Sunday.

Pikachu732001 said...

anonymous said:
Too bad...I was hoping to see FSU draw one of the "overrated" MVC teams in the NCAAs. Maybe they can have Creighton in the NIT.

Mr. Florida-State-is-better-than-any-MVC-bubble-team Koolaid drinker, I feel your pain. So does some Michigan homer out there. Keep this mind though, the possibility of an FSU-Creighton match-up in the NIT early is pretty minute. They might end up as high seeds in the new system.

james said...

I still think it is a shame that a +20 win team or a 20 Big East team might get left out of the tournament for a 17-12 BAMA team. A BAMA team that claims Georgia State as their best non-conference win.

Anonymous said...

Michigan let their bubble burst. Losing 7 of 9 down the stretch sealed the Wolverines fate. Michigan has no shot at an at large

andrew said...

GW is not even a 6 seed. GW should be a 7-8 seed. they aren't even very good.

Bracketology 101 said...

Some quick hits...

Michigan is in a whole lot of trouble right now. A 3-7 record in their last 10 games (including losses to Purdue and Minnesota) is not what the committee wants to see. Their RPI is going to be mid-40s, they are only 3-8 vs. the Top 50, and only have Notre Dame and Miami (FL) to count as semi-decent wins out-of-conference. One win was all they needed, and they couldn't get it.

FSU is done. If Maryland wins two, they're in over the Noles. Four from the ACC looks like a good bet right now.

GW is looking like a 6 seed right now (the 3 was best case scenario for them), depending on how things break. Pops or no Pops, pick them to win their first round NCAA tourney game at your own risk.

The winner of the Pitt-WVU game is a 4; the loser is a 5.

It's a good thing Kentucky won - for them and for anyone trying to put together a bracket.

Gabe said...

Not to say I told you so but...

From watching GW all year, they are amazing... when they play against the team from IS 181. I wouldn't fill them in your bracket unless they happen to draw a junior high school team in the first round.

Bubbleteams said...

Looking for more timely updates ??

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andrew said...

Air Force is NOT going to be selected on Sunday. it looks like California has clinched their spot with a win over USC.

Anonymous said...

Great win for Pitt over the Mountaineers. I can't wait for the Nova-Pitt game tomorrow night. It sucked that these 2 teams didn't even play in the regular season.

John said...

Seton Hall is not safe like some think. The Pirates RPI is 57 & they have a lot of bad losses. Plus the Hall has struggled down the stretch with losing 4 of 6. All 4 losses are to non NCAA tournament teams.

Notre Dame
St. Johns
Will Seton Hall be rewarded for losing to bottum feeders at the end of the season?

Gabe said...

Hey Bubbleteams -

You think you might save the invitation to visit your site for timely updates for a time when your site isn't down?

Bubbleteams said...

While the main site might be down, the updates are still being made on the blog page.

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