Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday's Games to Watch

Big East Tourney
Syracuse vs. Cincinnati
Orange need 2 wins to have a shot at a bid. The Bearcats may be in win or lose, but a win here makes them a lock.

Rutgers vs. Seton Hall
Pirates may be in as well win or lose. A win here makes them a lock. They wouldn't want to lose this one though and add another head scratching loss to their resume for the committee to mull over.

Conference Championship Games
Monmouth at Fairleigh Dickinson
Two Jersey schools battle it out for the Northeast Conference Championship.

Montana at Northern Arizona
Big Sky championship pits the pre-season favorite Grizzlies up against the regular season champ Lumberjacks.


The Big Cheese said...

I will be back. I will be back.

twins15 said...

Yep, Cuse desperately needs to play well coming off of the shellacking vs. DePaul. A win over the Bearcats and even playing tough and losing against UConn might merit them some consideration.

Chris Ahl said...

I gotta ask. I've seen Digger Phelps say this all night and I just don't get it. If Syracuse beats Cincy tomorrow, that will put them both at 8-9 in the BE. Their "big wins" are both over West Va at home. 'Cuse has a terrible loss to DePaul. Cincy has lost to Dayton and by 20 to Louisville. Most importantly, Cuse would have taken 2/3 vs. the Bearcats. How are the Bearcats a lock win or lose and the Cuse is out unless they beat UConn?

Pradamaster said...

I'll say it before and I'll say it again. Digger Phelps has been cryogenically frozen for the last 6 years. The person talking the past few years might as well have been a robot simulating Digger's thought process. It's so ridiculous to watch him on ESPN now. On Monday, after his claim that the power conferences deserve the majority of the bids simply because that's what happened in the past, even Rece Davis seemed distraught and was arguing with him. Digger reminds me of the grandma in Wedding Crashers. He's so stubborn in his belefs that nobody is going to try to change his mind, because, as Owen Wilson said about the grandma, "Fuck it, she's so old, she's not going to change." Digger Phelps was once a solid analyst, but frankly, the game has passed him by, and he's unwilling to change with it.

BG said...

Cincinnati is 11 spots ahead of Syracuse in the RPI, has 4 wins against the RPI top 50, 11 against the top 100 and a strong strength of schedule.

Clearly, there isn't much difference between 'Cuse and Cincy. But if you have 2 teams on the bubble, it doesn't take that much for one to be in and one to be out.

Cincy beat LSU on a neutral floor and was .500 in conference. 'Cuse has a 7-9 conference mark and their best non-conference win was Kent State at home. I wouldn't use the Louisville loss as the best comparison.

Cincy lost by 20 at Pitt on 2/12. Pitt is a tournament team. Depaul isn't even in the conference tournament and beat 'Cuse by 39. Cincy 5-5 in their last 10. 'Cuse is 4-6.

Are these teams similar? Yes. Has one performed better than the other over the course of the year? Yes.

Bracketology 101 said...

Above statement says it all. But it will be a tough call between to make between Cinci and 'Cuse if it came down to it should 'Cuse win (which it looks like they probably will).

Anonymous said...

Shouldnt give up on the Bearcats yet...... 16-5 run gets them within 2.

Pikachu732001 said...

WOW! What a finish. Gerry McNamara may have saved the Orange's big dance chances with that Game Winning shot. I also think that Cincinnati is in deep trouble now.

Anonymous said...

yeah i am at work and could only watch the game by refreshing the internet........what exactly happened at the end there, James White hit a jumper and then 1 second later they were on the free throw line, and was McNamara's shot with a hand his face or wide open???

Bracketology 101 said...

White hit the foul line jumper to go up 1...Cinci got a steal on the in bounds and hit one of 2 free throws...McNammara comes down and hits a running three from the top of the key with guys in his face...Mohammed front rims a half court shot at the buzzer...'Cuse wins by 1

Anonymous said...

ok quick question.....if MD beats Georgia Tech, and B.C. in the acc tourney, FSU beats Wake, and Syracuse loses to UConn, would that knock Cinccy, Syracuse, or both out, or would all 4 have a legit shot of making it, throwing some MVC teams out??

andrew said...

Syracuse will go to NIT after losing to UConn tomorrow. Nobody is talking about this, but if Georgetown loses to ND today, The Hoyas could miss the big dance. Their rpi would drop near 50. It would be 5 of 7 losses for GTown.

Kortany H. said...

Cal is a mediocre 59 in the RPI. Does a loss to USC tomorrow burst their bubble?

Douglas said...

Digger Phelps is going to cry tonight now that his beloved Notre Dame is out of the Big East Tourney!

I'm sure that tonight on ESPN he'll still sit there straight faced and try to tell all of us how ND should get into the Dance above any team not in the power conferences.

How long has Gerry Mac been playing at Syracuse for??? I have to commend him on that last shot, but I still hate watching him play.