Friday, March 10, 2006

Weekend Recap

Saturday's Games
Memphis 57, UAB 46
Tigers have #1 seed locked up no matter what happens with Texas and Ohio State.

Albany 80, Vermont 67
Danes lock up the auto bid from the America East.

South Carolina 65, Kentucky 61
Bubble teams will be glued to the screen on Sunday hoping the 'Cocks don't steal their bid.

Texas 74, Texas A&M 70
Good effort out of the Aggies which was all that was necessary for them to feel safe tomorrow.

Florida 81, LSU 65
Gators hope that the third times the charm against South Carolina.

Boston College 85, UNC 82
Tar Heels can forget about that #2 seed.

Xavier 62, St. Joseph's 61
Great finish to this one as the Musketeers grab the A-10's auto.

UCLA 71, California 52
Not a good showing for Cal, but just the fact they were in this game made them safe.

Kent State 71, Toledo 66
Top-seeded Golden Flashes take the MAC.

Syracuse 65, Pittsburgh 61
Orange wrap up the biggest Cinderella story in Big East tourney history.

Southern 57, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 44
Jaguars grab a bid and a spot in the Play-In Game...

Hampton 60, Delaware State 56
...against Hampton, who shocked top-seeded Delaware State to win the MEAC.

Nevada 70, Utah State 63 (OT)
And the bubble rejoices.

San Diego State 69, Wyoming 64
Bubble teams breathe easier again, as do Chris and Craig. The bracket would have been that much harder to make if the Aztecs would have lost this one.

Friday's Games
Wake Forest 82, North Carolina State 71
Wake continues their out-of-nowhere run, beating N.C. State for the second time in a week. The free-falling Wolfpack back into the Dance on a four-game losing streak.

Indiana 61, Wisconsin 56
Hoosiers aren't only safe, they played their way out of the 8-9 game.

Texas A&M 86, Colorado 53
So much for a competitive "elimination game."

Kentucky 68, Alabama 61
Kentucky sures up their bid, while 'Bama picks up its 12th loss. They're still in because of their good wins in conference (LSU, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Arkansas), but their bad finish means they might be a double digit seed tomorrow.

South Carolina 79, Tennessee 71
If you're picking the Volunteers to go far in your office pool, we'll buy a bracket.

Bucknell 74, Holy Cross 59
The Bison get a bid, and bubble teams breathe a sigh of relief.

Memphis 68, Houston 54
Another celebrated win in Bubbleville.

St. Joseph's 73, Temple 59 & Xavier 70, Fordham 59
Hawks and Musketeers will battle it out for the auto out of the A-10. The two teams split during the regular season.

Syracuse 58, Georgetown 57
Just another night at the office for Mr. Overrated.

UAB 63, UTEP 60
Blazers would have been an interesting case had they lost this one. With the win, they're safe for good.

San Diego State 63, UNLV 60
Aztecs have an easy road left a bid with Air Force and BYU out, but they almost gave it all away in this one. There's a lot of talk out west about SDSU being safe regardless of what happens in the final. We beg to differ so they better take care of business against Wyoming tomorrow.

Pittsburgh 68, Villanova 54
Impressive win for the Panthers, and a potentially very costly loss for Nova (Ray).

Michigan State 61, Illinois 56
Are the up-and-down Spartans peaking at the right time?

Boston College 80, Maryland 66
Enough with all the Maryland scenarios. They're done.

UCLA 71, Arizona 59
Wildcats can only manage one tourney win without Adams.

Nebraska 69, Oklahoma 63
Disappointing loss for the Sooners will hurt their seed slightly. Huskers could cause some real chaos with a couple more wins.

Florida 74, Arkansas 71
Just when you though the Gators were ready to hang it up this year they come out and win a couple tough games.

Cal 91, Oregon 87 2OT
The Bears are a lock now and bubble teams can breath easier now that the Ducks are done.

Utah State 68, Louisiana Tech 64
Aggies will be playing for the NCAA tourney life against Nevada in the WAC final since their at-large profile probably won't get them a bid.


Anonymous said...

The way Jay Bilas and Rece Davis talk, you'd think A&M would have to win the whole Big 12 Tournament to get in. It's amazing how some of these commentators refuse to change their minds no matter what new evidence they're given.

And by new evidence, I mean a 30+ point beatdown over a fellow bubble team.

pokerplayr said...

Do not listen to Rece Davis and Jay Bilas. They know about as much as Dick Vitale does. As bad as these guys (C&C) are here sometimes, they know more about basketball than ***holes like the talking head at ESPN.

Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of the recap ??

If it wasnt for all of us posting comments to this site, you would not get any traffic.

Anonymous said...

I just want to apologize to a big fan of md basketball, i have been on here arguing for the terps, and they pull this one out, just unreal.....i admit i was wrong, chris mcray just absolutely ruined the season, and travis garrison is the biggest bust ever for this program, he should owe money back to the college, just god a big ACC fan and follower, for once i'm saying give a team like george mason a chance, i can't believe i'm saying this, but md looks like a jv team, and fsu blew it yesterday, so it looks like 4 bids, and only 3 deserve one, because N.C. State looks awful too

pokerplayr said...

LOL... Lord, it's hard to be humble !!!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this win clues people in that Pitt is a legit threat this year in the tournament.

And don't try and tell me that that the Allan Ray injury allowed Pitt to win. They were up by 11 when he went out, and Pitt's guards were breaking Nova's press everytime down the floor for open threes and layups.

Hopefully, a win on a neutral court over WVU and Villanova on consecutive nights will open some eyes.

andrew said...

Bubble teams have to be cheering on Nevada & Cal. Cal has finally taken the lead but are struggling with the mighty Ducks. Nevada can't seem to put the Aggies away. lol never mind, now Oregon is back ahead.

John said...

Pitt is very deserving of a 2 seed.

Bracketology 101 said...

Win or lose tomorrow Pitt is probably at least a 3 seed. With a win they have a good chance at a 2 seed.

Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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Anonymous said...

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