Friday, January 14, 2011

B101's Questions For The Weekend

Here's what we're wondering heading into this weekend's games:

Friday's Games
Can Butler play better on the road at Detroit (and at Wright State on Sunday) than they did in their first conference road game (a 24-point beatdown at Milwaukee)?

Saturday's Games
We know Penn State can play spoiler at can they shock the nation and upset Ohio State in Columbus?

How good is Cincinnati? We'll find out at the end of a three game roadie (at Syracuse, at Notre Dame, at St. John's) that begins at the Carrier Dome on Saturday afternoon.

Is the Mountain West a four-bid league after all? It will be on Monday if New Mexico can upset San Diego State in The Pit.

Can Maryland get back into the bubble mix - and maybe the bracket? - by winning at Villanova?

Who's the second best team in the Big XII? Is Missouri ready to win a big true road game? We'll find out as the Tigers pay a visit to Texas A&M.

How will Wisconsin respond from their late-game breakdown against Michigan State? Can the Badgers avoid a season sweep at the hands of Illinois?

Can the Big East really get 11 bids? Marquette winning at Louisville on Saturday would continue to strengthen the league's case.

Will Georgetown really start 1-5 (1-5!) in the Big East, or will they end their free-fall with what should be a convincing win at Rutgers?

Is Kansas State on its way out of the bracket? The Wildcats better take care of Texas Tech at home on Saturday with games at Missouri and at Texas A&M looming next week.

Can Temple restore some legitimacy to the A-10 and not lose at Duquesne?

Is UCF the best team in C-USA? If they are, they shouldn't lose at Southern Miss.

Is Michigan State finally back on track? If so, they should have no problem at home against Northwestern.

Is Memphis at-large worthy even if they beat Marshall at home?

When will they start printing NIT tickets in Knoxville? Might want to start soon if the Vols can't hold serve at home against Vanderbilt. That'd be seven (seven!) losses already for Tennessee.

Who will win the winner's-in-loser's-out bubble battle between Oklahoma State and Colorado?

Can Florida State avoid a Blue Devil hangover and beat N.C. State at home? Will they deserve a single digit seed on Monday with a win?

Can Arizona avoid the upset bug in the Pac-10 and take care of Arizona State at home?

Can ODU avoid suffering another resume-killing road loss (at Hofstra)?

Will Georgia still be worthy of a bid if they lose at Mississippi?

Can Baylor avoid looking ahead to their Big Monday game at home against Kansas and win at Iowa State?

Will Miami hang on to their spot in the bracket by beating BC at home?

Will Washington State ever win a conference road game?

Could the A-10 be just a two-bid league? The winner of the Xavier-Dayton game might be the only A-10 team other than Temple in our bracket come Monday.

Sunday's Games
Which Big East team - Notre Dame or St. John's - will bounce back better from a blowout loss earlier in the week?

Can West Virginia add a second marquee OOC win to their resume by upsetting Purdue?

Can Washington avoid getting swept by Stanford and Cal?


Anonymous said...

I am going to attempt to answer all of the questions in "B101's Questions for the Weekend"

1. Butler played better on the road yesterday
2. I don't think that Penn St can win @ Ohio St
3. I think Cincy will win one of the three games (either Notre Dame or St. John's).
4. I think New Mexico will loose to SDST, but will definitely be in the bracket with a win
5. I don't think that Maryland will win at Villanova
6. Missouri will not beat Texas A&M, the second best team in the conference, on the road
7. Wisconsin will win because they are playing at home
8. The Big East should get 11 bids
9. Georgetown should win at Rutgers
10. Kansas St should win their game before loosing their next two. They should still be in the bracket (for now)
11. Temple will win at Duquesne
12. UCF is the best team in the C-USA, but it is hard to win on the road (look at Duke)
13. I don't think that Michigan St is back on track, but they still should beat Northwestern at home
14. Memphis is at-large worthy if they beat Marshall
15. Tennessee should beat Vanderbilt at home
16. Even though they are playing at Colorado, Oklahoma St is better and should win
17. If Florida St beast NC St, then they should be a single digit seed. If they loose, they should be in the 11-13 range
18. Arizona should beat Arizona St at home
19. Hopefully, Old Dominion can win at Hofstra
20. If they loose to Ole Miss, Georgia would not be bid worthy
21. Iowa St made is close vs. Kansas and might pull off the upset
22. BC is a good team and Miami might not win at home
23. Washington St should win at least 1 conference road game
24. The A-10 should get three bids: Temple, Richmond, and Xavier
25. St. John's should win at home
26. West Virginia has a legitimate chance of upsetting Purdue at home
27. Washington should not get swept by Stanford and Cal

Thank you for taking time to read this very long post.

Anonymous said...

If FSU follows up the Duke win with a loss at home to 12-5 NCSU... They should all be led away and executed. I'm sick and tired of being let down by them.

Bracketology 101 said...

We have an early leader for Comment of the Year. Nice work.

Will said...

1. I think Cincy goes winless over the next 3.
2. Ohio State dominates.
3. NM loses, could still be deserving of a win. If you have to beat SDSU to get into the Tourney, it'll be a small field.
4. Villanova dominates.
5. I think mizzou wins.
8. BE shouldn't get 11 bids, and won't. one or two of those teams will drop out, likely Cincy being on of them.

Anonymous said...

Is Maryland cooked?

Bracketology 101 said...

Maryland's not "cooked", but after Saturday's collapse against Villanova, they have a whole lot of work to do to get back in the bracket. As of today, they have zero Top 50 wins and only two Top 100 wins (Charleston and Penn State). They'll probably have to win their next five games (VT, Clemson, at Virginia, at GT, Duke) to get back on the right side of the bubble.

Anonymous said...

Wow... i think you go a bit too far there with maryland. They win their next 4, and lose a close one to duke, they'll be in your bracket.

Bracketology 101 said...

With the bubble as soft as it is, you might be right, but they would be barely in. There aren't many big wins to be had in the ACC and those next four games wouldn't do all that much for their resume.

Anonymous said...

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