Monday, January 31, 2011

B101's Questions For The Competition

Questions For The Competition is a weekly column that addresses our issues with the brackets of other bracketology "experts." Today's questions are reserved for ESPN's Joe Lunardi and's Andy Glockner. Keep in mind that these questions are about each expert's most recent brackets, which were released before Monday's games.

Joe Lunardi (ESPN) - Jan. 31 Bracket
Is their a better example of why "season ending today" brackets are flawed than Alabama (and their one Top 50 win and 116 RPI) getting the SEC automatic bid this week? Talk about a lazy move.

Kansas State and Butler are still in as at-larges? Are you sure this isn't your bracket from two weeks ago?

Seriously, how in the world would Kansas State deserve an at-large if the season ended today? Because of their zero Top 50 wins and 2-5 record in the Big XII? And they'd get a 10 seed? Really?

Where are Penn State, Georgia, and Richmond? Wichita State and Kansas State (with a combined zero Top 50 wins) have better resumes if the season ended today than those three teams do?

How is Georgetown not higher than a 6 seed?

How does Texas get a 1 seed over UConn when the Huskies beat the Longhorns on their home floor?

Andy Glockner (Sports Illustrated) - Jan. 31 Bracket
Are you trying to ruin Questions For The Competition for us? Our brackets are way too similar this week. What's the fun in that?

Want to bet a byline in Sports Illustrated that Alabama doesn't get the SEC auto bid?

Isn't Old Dominion a little high as a 9? Isn't Marquette a little low as a 12?

Doesn't Northern Iowa have a better resume right now than Wichita State?


Anonymous said...

I think Lunardi is trying to compete for the worst bracket of the year competition. I can't believe he gets paid to be a bracketologist. There are probably German octopuses that can make better brackets than him.

Sam said...

Does Lunardi say if his bracket is "tournament starts tomorrow" or "predicting how the season will turn out"?

If it's the latter, his bracket is...somewhat more defensible, but I couldn't find any information in his FAQ about which way he does it, and trying to divine it from the bracket he put out hurts my head.

Bracketology 101 said...

He does his as if the season ended today.

Sam said...


Then it's obscene and insane.

Anonymous said...

Can you put a None of the Above option on your "which of the first eight out deserves a bid?"

Bracketology 101 said... about we just do a 48 team field instead?

Anonymous said...

That works for me.

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Anonymous said...

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