Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday's Games to Watch

N.C. State vs. Duke
Unfortunetly Duke doesn't play at State this year so this will be the only shot the Wolfpack has to beat the Blue Devils.

Wisc.-Milwaukee vs. Detroit
Many think the Panthers are already deserving of an at-large bid. We don't so they better take care of things in conference.

Clemson vs. Miami
Big bubble battle down at the U.

Tennessee vs. Memphis
Toughest game left on the Tigers schedule.

Pitt vs. Rutgers
Tough road test for Panthers.

Wisconsin vs. Ohio State
Another Big Ten showdown.

Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest
Another bubble battle in the ACC.


Anonymous said...

neither Wake or Tech deserve an NCAA bid

Bracketology 101 said...

Not at this point, but each are still in the discussion and have showed some promise at some point this season.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that after Florida beat up on SAVANNAH STATE tonight, that people will stop harping on Pitt's OOC and take a look at the #2 team in the country's.

Face it, neither Illinois, Florida, or UConn have played a better schedule. I'm tired of all this "Pitt is simply surviving because of their out of conference schedule" crap. Give me a break.

Yeah, Savannah State. They're tough.

Anonymous said...

Illinois, UConn, & Florida all played tough non conference games.

LSU, Indiana, Arizona, Arkansas, Gonzaga

Xavier, Oregon, North Carolina, Missouri, Wichita State, Georgetown

Miami, Syracuse, Florida State, Wake Forest

Wisconsin, South Carolina, Auburn

Anonymous said...

Florida also played at Providence. In case you forgot, Pitt plays Providence twice this season. Pitt played a very soft non conference schedule. Wisconsin is the only NCAA tourney team on their non conference schedule.
Connecticut played 3 tough teams in Maui plus LSU at home & at Indiana.

Anonymous said...

That Pitt fan has no case. Pitt has 2 wins over top 50 RPI teams. Meanwhile, UConn has 5, Illinois has 5, Memphis also has 5. Pitt has not played as tough of schedule as most teams in the country

Anonymous said...

I know it's pretty difficult to check the SOS rankings, but come on guys.

Illinois: 27
Pitt: 57
UConn: 102
Florida: 163

Illinois is only that high because they have played four Top 50 teams in a row in conference. The raw facts back me up.

And I never mentioned Memphis. I don't know where you got that from. I was comparing Pitt's schedule to that of Florida, UConn, and Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Go look at Pitt & UConn non conference schedules. UConn plays at Indiana in a couple weeks, they have already played Gonzaga LSU, Arizona, Arkansas, & UMass. Wisconsin & Auburn, South Carolina are the only tough games Pitt played.

Anonymous said...

why are you wasting your breathe? Pitt has played a much softer schedule than the other teams listed. plus Pitt lost to a mediocre St. Johns team. at least next year Pitt has some to play at Wisconsin n auburn. they usually play so many cupcakes its a disgrace

Anonymous said...

often times i do wonder why i waste my breath on people who don't care about the actual numbers.

if you people won't look at them, there's no helping you.

Anonymous said...

did Pitt play Arizona, Gonzaga, Arkansas, LSU, or Indiana?

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