Saturday, January 28, 2006

Weekend Recap

Kansas 95, Iowa State 85
Looks like Kansas is bracket worthy. Can you say the same right now for the Cyclones, who can't seem to win two in a row? This was a bad one at home.

Xavier 60, Dayton 55

Musketeers stop the bleeding with a win at home.

Georgetown 76, Cincinnati 57
That's four losses in five games for the Bearcats. Will their early-season wins keep them in the bracket next week?

North Carolina 86, Arizona 69
The Tar Heels needed this one, and got it. That's seven losses for Arizona, which hits the road for two critical games next week.

Rutgers 65, Louisville 56
OK, we officially dropped the ball on Louisville. Getting to 8-8 in conference is looking pretty impossible.

George Mason 66, Old Dominion 47
ODU has been in the bracket all year...until now.

Temple 91, Maryland 85
Welcome to the bubble, Owls.

Michigan 85, Wisconsin 76
Heck of a week for the Wolverines. What's gotten into Wisconsin lately?

San Diego State 78, Wyoming 77
Dramatic last second three-point play keeps the red-hot Aztecs atop the MWC.

Villanova 72, Notre Dame 70
This one would have been huge for the Irish. Will ND make the Big East tourney?

Creighton 57, Wichita State 55
Big comeback win for Creighton ends Wichita's six game win streak.

Iowa 67, Ohio State 62
Impressive week at home for the Hawkeyes.

Colorado 79, Kansas State 75
Kansas State's stay in the bracket will be pretty short.

Oklahoma 82, Texas 72
First Miss America, now this. Man, it's a good week to be in Sooner country. Note to OU - let the kids rush.

Nevada 73, Hawaii 55
Remember when these two teams were the best in the WAC?

Kentucky 78, Arkansas 76
One of these two teams will be in the bracket this week. The other team is Arkansas.

Minnesota 61, Indiana 42
With D.J. done and now this, it's time to panic in Hoosierville.

N.C. State 94, Clemson 85
Clemson might be kicking themselves in a couple weeks for letting this one slip away.

Seton Hall 68, Syracuse 61
Can't have a much better week than Hall had.

Miami 84, Florida State 78
Seminoles blew their shot at getting in this week's field with a terrible loss at home.

Stanford 76, Washington 67 (OT)
Stanford finally seems to be turning it around. Bad call or not, how do you even go near Hernandez on that shot?


Anonymous said...

a huge PAC 10 game coming up. Stanford can't afford any more home losses if they want to have any chance to make big dance. we will aslo see what Washington is made up of coming off that loss to Cal. Great win for Creighton over Wichita State yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Verne Harris has to be a hero in Stanford right now. Chris Hernandez was not even in the act of shooting, so he never should have gotten 3 free throws. Plus the replay clearly showed that no foul was committed. Hernandez flopped by JJ Redick always does. Verne Harris cost a win for Washington. If Stanford makes the tournament because of this win, Verne Harris will be solely responsible. He made a horrible call

Anonymous said...

As of right now, I don't think Wisconsin is deserving of a tourney bid, they only have one decent win on their schedule and that is a home win against Michigan State, other than that, they lost to the worst team in the ACC (Wake Forest), they lost at home to one of the worst teams in the nation (South Dakota State) and they aren't doing that well in a conference that is completely overated in the Big Ten....a team like Miami or Florida State should easily get in over this overated Badgers team...I mean come on, these 7 teams in the Big Ten should not be rewarded for playing teams like Purdue, Penn State, Northwestern, and Minnesota, the bottom half of the Big Ten is awful, the bottom half of the ACC is so much better hence why they beat the Big Ten head to head without its 4th best team in Boston stop riding the Big Ten, take Wisconsin out of there

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