Saturday, January 21, 2006

Weekend Recap

Great day of games so far...

St. John's 55, Pitt 50
Great week for the Johnnies.

Michigan State 85, Iowa 55
Spartans are back to their winning ways as they finish up a brutal stretch in their schedule.

Kentucky 80, South Carolina 78
Way too close for the Wildcats at home against cellar dwellers.

North Dakota State 62, Wisconsin 55
Yes, NDSU is a D-1 program. They are the Bison and their biggest rivals are fellow independents Utah Valley State and South Dakota State. Anybody out there watch or go to this game? If so, please let us know how on earth Wisconsin lost.

Georgetown 87, Duke 84
Very exciting game to watch. Huge win for Georgetown, they'll go from out to a decent seed. Good rush too.

Texas A&M 86, Iowa State 81 OT
Cyclones have really struggled lately. First good win for the Aggies this year. Big 12 is a big mess; after Texas it is very weak.

N.C. Wilmington 69, George Mason 63
The depth of the Colonial might end up hurting its chances at two bids. The top teams in the conference are going to lose too many games in conference.

LSU 68, Alabama 57
Tough early season schedule is really paying off for LSU in conference. They look like they may walk away with the SEC West.

West Virginia 60, UCLA 56
Heck of a day for the Big East, which - thanks to wins like this - should be able to claim its rightful spot atop the conference RPI rankings very soon.

Kansas 96, Nebraska 54
Good win for Kansas after their heartbreaker against Mizzou. Were the Huskers a one-game wonder against Oklahoma? Losses like this make you think so.

Colorado 80, Oklahoma State 78
Bad home loss for OSU, who got some serious consideration for last week's bracket. They won't be as fortunate this week.

Georgia 72, Mississippi 65
The SEC is becoming as messy the Big 12. Besides Florida, the conference is full of semi-decent teams that keep beating each other up.

N.C. State 92, Wake Forest 82
That's six losses overall, four losses in five games, and a 1-4 conference mark for the Demon Deacons, who continue to be one of this season's biggest underachievers.

Villanova 80, Syracuse 65
This loss for 'Cuse was probably uglier then Monday's against UConn.

Tennessee 80, Florida 76
And then there were none...maybe we should take back that comment about the SEC being full of semi-decent teams besides Florida.

Boston College 65, Miami(FL) 61
'Canes couldn't follow up a blowout win over Clemson with a win at home over another ranked team. The losses - seven of them now - are starting to mount for Miami.

New Mexico 62, Air Force 59
Air Force better start winning some conference road games, because they have company now atop the MWC.

San Diego State 88, BYU 61
The Aztecs are finally living up to some of their pre-season pub.

UConn 71, Louisville 58
They can officially start the "We're No. 1" chants in Storrs.

Cincinnati 71, Rutgers 66
Cinci stopped a three-game losing streak and will stay in the bracket this week thanks to this this win. They have a rough week ahead, though, as they play at Louisville and at Georgetown.

Wichita State 68, Missouri State 62
The Big 12 wishes it was as good as the MVC right now.


Anonymous said...

This Big 12 is nuts! K State is another mystery team. They get humiliated at home by Nebraska. They follow that up with wins against Kansas, Texas A & M, Missouri. How many Big 12 wins does K State need to get in?

Bracketology 101 said...

With Kansas State's pathetic non-conference resume (their "best" wins are against New Mexico and Colorado State), they are going to need at least 11 wins in conference to warrant a bid. Who this point they may be able to pull that off. Texas aside, anyone can beat anyone in the weak Big 12, so K State has just as good a shot as anyone else to post a good mark in conference.

Dale said...

The top four of the Valley all won this weekend and it remains a four-way tie for first. Each team is 7-2 in the conference. Looking good for all involved.

Bracketology 101 said...

Wichita State had to rally from a 12-point halftime deficit, but they came back to beat Missouri State and stayed tied for first in conference. The MVC - which is the 5th rated conference in the RPI right now - will have 4 teams in again this week.

Anonymous said...

is the Mountain West strictly a 1 bid conference? Or do San Diego State or Air Force have a shot at an at large bid? thanks for the great job on this site. i luv it!!

Bracketology 101 said...

The MWC is getting interesting. I'm sure a lot of fellow bracketologists will put SDSU and Air Force in this week but at this point that is unrealistic. Right now Air Force is the only team with a shot at an at-large. Those hopes are shrinking though with their losses in conference adding up. For Air Force to get an at-large they need to win the regular season title with at least 12 wins and then make it to the conference championship game. SDSU has a lot of work to do to get an at-large. They would need to win the regular season title with at least 14 wins and then if they lost in the conference final to Air Force and got some help they could get an at-large. With SDSU's poor out of conference showing they really need to win the conference tourney because it's probably unrealistic for them to go 14-2 in conference with the tough road contests they have upcoming.

Anonymous said...

wisconsin lost because they only shot 22% from the field, as well as a few key players injured. But still no excuses for the poor performance. But if anyone out there follows wisconsin b-ball Bo Ryan will have his troops ready. (Best coach in the country)