Friday, January 27, 2006

Questions for the Competition

Joe Lunardi (ESPN - posted Monday)
Why do you insist on putting two teams in from the Mountain West and the WAC?

We know you fill out your bracket as if the season ended today, but how would Nevada or Air Force get an at-large finishing third in those conferences?

How does Iowa deserve a 9 seed? Even before they beat Indiana this week, they were a 14 RPI and more quality wins than many of the teams you had seeded ahead of them.

Tony Mejia (CBS Sportsline - posted Wednesday)
By far the worst bracket of the week...

How are Florida and Villanova 1 seeds over Texas and UConn?

Why do you have so much faith still in Nevada winning the conference tournament after a 3-3 conference start and a loss Monday at home against Utah State? We won't even touch the fact that you have them as an 8 seed.

How is Xavier a 6 seed and Kentucky a 7 seed? It must be Kentucky's three-game winning streak against Georgia, South Carolina and Auburn.

How is Virginia in over a Florida State team that beat them in Virginia?

How is Kansas State in over Iowa State? We know that Kansas State was a game ahead of them in conference, but Iowa State has much better wins, including a win over...Kansas State.

Michael Lazarus (Fox Sports - Wednesday post)
Are you taking Yoni Cohen's place after his abortion of a bracket last week?

How is Syracuse a 5 seed after three straight blowout losses?

How do you pick UNLV out of the MWC and Louisiana Tech out of the WAC? UNLV already lost to San Diego State, and they look even worse now after a home loss to Air Force Wednesday (after your post). In the WAC, Utah State beat Louisiana Tech, and after Utah State's win at Nevada, they look like the obvious choice for a tourney bid.


Anonymous said...

Kansas State and Iowa State both belong in the current field of 65. Iowa should be a 4-5 seed not 9. Utah State & Nevada both belong in the NCAA tourney. Nevada played many road games during the preseason while Louisville played 200 plus RPI teams at Freedom Hall. I sure hope the WAC isn't shortchanged because of east coast lovers that want Louisville to be rewarded for playing an extemely soft nonconference schedule. We will we whether your mighty UL squad can navigate the RAC. But something tells me even if they fall to 2-5 in the conference, you guys will still have them in the bracket

Anonymous said...

Syracuse lost 3 games to teams in the top 10 of the RPI. But apparently beating horrible teams in 200-300 range is more impressive to you guys than playing top 10 clubs. In case you forgot, UCOnn, Nova, & Pitt have a combined 4 losses this year. There is absolutely no shame in Syracuse losing to those 3 teams. Having them a 5 in a bracket is no worse than the clowns who had Louisville in with no top 70 Wins.

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