Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bracketology 101's Weekend Recap

Texas 58, Villanova 55
Ice cold shooting - especially from 3-point land - killed 'Nova.

UConn 74, Georgetown 67
There isn't a more improved player in the country than Hilton Armstrong.

Miami 81, North Carolina 70
That makes two straight wins over ranked teams for the 'Canes.

Texas Tech 76, Iowa State 73
Is this the start of a Red Raider turnaround?

Mississippi 75, Mississippi State 65
Rebels may make an appearance in next week's bracket.

Alabama 68, Kentucky 64
So much for Randolph Morris saving the slumping Wildcats.

Boston College 90, Florida State 87
The overrated Eagles avoid an 0-4 ACC start.

Kansas State 59, Kansas 55
Heck of a win for a Kansas State team that had 18 points at the half.

Oklahoma 45, Texas A&M 44
Rough week to be an Aggie fan.

Arkansas 78, Vanderbilt 66
A much-needed conference win for the Hogs.

Duke 87, Clemson 77
This one was close for a while, but Clemson had no answer for J.J. (34 pts).

Washington 69, UCLA 65
I guess the Huskies can win on the road.

Oregon 73, Arizona 68
Arizona goes 0-for-Oregon.

Xavier 78, Charlotte 65
Maybe the A-10 is a two-bid conference after all.

UAB 76, Marshall 64
The Blazers look very bracket-worthy.

UCF 66, Houston 56
Houston, you have a problem. You're off the bubble.

USC 71, Washington State 66
Looks like one week and done for Wazzou in our Field of 65.

LSU 88, Tennessee 74
The Tigers will be a tough call for next week's field.

Wichita State 81, Missouri State 57
Four from the MVC?

New Mexico State 87, Hawaii 84
Bad loss for the Rainbows. The WAC is a one-bid league at this point.

Syracuse 77, Cincinnati 58
A bad week got even worse for the Bearcats.

Pittsburgh 61, Louisville 57
Huge statement game for the Panthers.

Rutgers 78, DePaul 68
DePaul has some nice wins, but even more terrible losses.

Michigan State 62, Ohio State 59 (2OT)
The Spartans have played an absolutely brutal schedule.


Anonymous said...

Oregon State had a very bad loss at home to ASU. This was coming off nice wins over zona cal This loss could really haunt OSU in March

steve said...

Way to neglect the Georgia victory over South Carolina... I can guarantee Georgia will be a discussion piece by next Sunday.

Bracketology 101 said...

A couple quick thoughts...

There will be a lot of things other than a home loss to ASU haunting Oregon State in March. So far, they have five losses against teams out of the top 100 RPI (and that doesn't even count losses to Northwestern State and Tennessee Tech) and an RPI of 165.

As for Georgia, if beating South Carolina (8-7, 0-3 SEC) on the road is a "big" win, you're not as good as you might think. The Bulldogs do host Kentucky and Mississippi, this week, though. Both teams are in this week's bracket, and if Georgia can pull off a sweep, your guarantee might pan out.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are willing to put 4 from MoValley. My shocks had a good week, hopefully they can beat Mo State twice in two weeks!