Saturday, December 17, 2005

Bracketology 101's Top 10 Best Conference Match-ups

This week's Top 10 ranks the biggest and best conference games that will be played this season. With conference play set to begin in a few weeks, there are plenty of high-profile match-ups to look forward to. As always, we welcome your comments, and we invite our readers to post their own lists. Enjoy...

Top 10 Best Conference Match-ups
Match-ups were ranked on a 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 scale by the three voters. First place votes are in parentheses.

1. UConn-Villanova 30 (3) (Feb. 13 at Villanova, Feb. 26 at UConn)
2. Texas-Oklahoma 26 (Jan. 28 at Oklahoma, Mar. 5 at Texas)
3. Michigan State-Illinois 24 (Jan. 5 at Illinois, Mar. 4 at Michigan State)
4. Florida-Kentucky 18 (Feb. 4 at Florida, Mar. 5 at Kentucky)
5. UConn-Louisville 16 (Jan. 21 at Louisville, Mar. 4 at UConn)
6. Duke-North Carolina 12 (Feb. 7 at North Carolina, Mar. 4 at Duke)
7. Michigan State-Michigan 9 (Jan. 25 at Michigan, Feb. 18 at Michigan)
8. Duke-Boston College 9 (Feb. 1 at Boston College)
9. Washington-UCLA 6 (Jan. 14 at UCLA, Feb. 11 at Washington)
10. Villanova-Louisville 5 (Jan. 5 at Louisville, Jan. 30 at Villanova)

Also receiving votes: Memphis-Houston 5 (Mar. 4 at Memphis), Duke-Maryland 4 (Jan. 11 at Duke, Feb. 11 at Maryland), Northern Iowa-Missouri State 3 (Jan. 7 at Missouri State, Feb. 11 at Northern Iowa)


Anonymous said...

Oklahoma/Ok. State
Nevada/Utah State
Creighton/Northern Iowa
Indiana/Michigan State
St. Joseph's/George Washington
New Mexico/UNLV

Anonymous said...

Where's Maryland/Duke?

Anonymous said...

"what about Maryland/Dook?" what about it?

some people seem to think that the ACC is the only conference. ESPN and Vitale just continue to promote Dook and their oily haired dictator coach.....

Anonymous said...

ummmm..... MD/Duke has been the best college basketball rivalry for the last 5-6 years period. Closest games, highest level of play, most #1 teams involved, etc...

Anonymous said...

there are a lot of great conference matchup this year!

Wichita St-UNI
Cal - Washington
NC State-UNC
BC-NC State
Western Kentucky-Denver
North Dakota St.South Dakota St.
Iowa State/Kansas
Cincinnati-West Virginia
Pitt-West Virginia
St. Marys-Gonzaga
Montana-ontana State
Michigan-Michigan State
Wake Forest-NC State
Texas Tech-Oklahoma