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Bracketology 101's Field of 68 - March 9

Tuesday Recap
The Big East Tournament kicked off with a big upset as South Florida took down Villanova. The Wildcats finished the season in absolute free-fall mode, losing five straight, which has dropped them from a 4 seed just over two weeks ago all the way down to a 9 now. It will be interesting to see what the committee does with the Wildcats, but we can see anything from an 8-11 seed come Sunday. Elsewhere in Big East action, Marquette took care of business against Providence and are now just playing for tournament seeding the rest of the way.

Three more automatic bids were handed out on Tuesday, the most important of which was Butler winning the Horizon by (finally) beating Milwaukee. We thought the Bulldogs were safe regardless, but now there's no need to debate their at-large credentials. Butler's win really had no effect on our bracket, since we already anticipated the Bulldogs winning the Horizon title. The most thrilling finish of the night happened in the Sun Belt with lowly Arkansas-Little Rock taking down North Texas in the closing seconds to earn a bid (and an almost certain appearance in one of the First Four games.) In the Summit final, Oakland stamped their ticket with a convincing win over Oral Roberts.

The final notable result of the night was Princeton's win over Penn, which sets up a de facto conference title game against Harvard on Saturday.

Wednesday Preview
The Big XII, Pac-10, C-USA, MWC, and WAC all begin their conference tournaments today. The most important game in any of those tournaments is in the Big XII, as Colorado looks to keep its at-large hopes alive with a win over Iowa State. Missouri will be looking to avoid a Villanova-esque ending to its season as they take on Texas Tech. Baylor and Nebraska will also try to get off to strong starts and climb back into the bubble discussion with deep Big XII tourney runs.

In the Big East tournament, every game is crucial in regards to tournament seeding. A high noon showdown between Georgetown and UConn will decide which of these teams will be on the 5 line tomorrow, as both teams try to right the ship after late season slides. In other second round action, hometown favorite St. John's will continue its quest for a top 4 seed as they take on Rutgers. Cincinnati will try to solidify their spot on the 6 line with a win over USF, while the defending Big East tourney champ, West Virignia, will try to defend its title in the late game against Marquette.

Two more automatic bids will also be handed out tonight. Montana plays at Northern Colorado in the Big Sky final, and Robert Morris takes on Long Island in the Northeast final.

Bracket Breakdown
Last Four In

Michigan State, Alabama, Boston College, Colorado

First Four Out
Virginia Tech, Clemson, USC, Missouri State

Next Four Out
Penn State, VCU, Colorado State, Washington State


Conference Breakdown
Big East (11), Big XII (6), Big Ten (6), SEC (6), ACC (4), A-10 (3), MWC (3), Pac-10 (3), Colonial (2), Conference USA (2), WCC (2)

America East - Boston University

ACC - Duke, North Carolina, Florida State, Boston College

Atlantic Sun - Belmont

A-10 - Xavier, Temple, Richmond

Big East - Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Louisville, St. John's, West Virginia, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Villanova, Marquette

Big Sky - Northern Colorado

Big South - UNC-Asheville

Big Ten - Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State

Big XII - Kansas, Texas, Kansas State, Texas A&M, Missouri, Colorado

Big West - Long Beach State

Colonial - Old Dominion, George Mason

Conference USA - UTEP, UAB

Horizon - Butler

Ivy - Princeton

MAAC - St. Peter's

MAC - Kent State

MEAC - Bethune Cookman

MVC - Indiana State

- BYU, San Diego State, UNLV

Northeast - Long Island

Ohio Valley - Morehead State

Pac-10 - Arizona, UCLA, Washington

Patriot - Bucknell

SEC - Florida, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama

Southern - Wofford

Southland - McNeese State

Summit - Oakland

Sun Belt - Arkansas-Little Rock

SWAC - Texas Southern

WAC - Utah State

WCC - Gonzaga, St. Mary's


The Seeds
The 1s

Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame

The 2s
Duke, BYU, Syracuse, Purdue

The 3s
North Carolina, San Diego State, Florida, Texas

The 4s
Louisville, Wisconsin, St. John's, Kentucky

The 5s
West Virginia, Xavier, Arizona, Connecticut

The 6s
Kansas State, Cincinnati, Temple, Georgetown

The 7s
Texas A&M, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Old Dominion

The 8s
UNLV, Missouri, Utah State, George Mason

The 9s
Villanova, Illinois, Florida State, Tennessee

The 10s
Butler, Richmond, Washington

The 11s
Michigan, Marquette, Georgia, St. Mary's

The 12s
UAB, Michigan State vs. Alabama (FF), Boston College vs. Colorado (FF), UTEP

The 13s
Princeton, Oakland, Kent State

The 14s
Bucknell, Indiana State, St. Peter's, Wofford

The 15s
Morehead State,
Long Beach State, Long Island, Northern Colorado

The 16s
Boston University, UNC-Asheville, McNeese State vs. Texas Southern (FF), Bethune Cookman vs. Arkansas-Little Rock (FF)

The Bracket
(Bracket courtesy Matt Reeves)

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Anonymous said...

How is Colorado even in the bubble discussion? 320th ranked OOC SOS? are you kidding me? the committee is going to reward that?

Anonymous said...

I really hope Colorado doesn't Get in two years ago Penn state went 10-8 in the big ten and 21-10 overall and then went 1-1 in the btt but got snubbed because they played a weak ooc SOS so I hope Colorado can have fun in the nit

Dan said...

Hey, what do you say we reset here for a minute. With all the move up/move down and auto bids being punched, let's take a step back here. Most agree Marquette, Tennessee, Washington, Utah St. (if they needed it) and St. Mary's is in, and Villanova's played their way back to bubble-ness, but are PROBABLY still in.

That leaves 8 spots if NEITHER Utah St. or UAB have to use an at large bid (minus any bid thieves). Those teams fighting for those bids are: VT, Clemson, BC, Michigan, Michigan St, Penn St, Colorado, Nebraska, Baylor, USC, Washington St, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado St, Richmond, Memphis, Missouri St and VCU, 18 teams total. Am I missing any? Obviously if UAB/Utah St don't get the auto bid, the enter for one of those last 8 at larges, but it's possible that Memphis pulls the autobid and leaves the pool as well.

That's pretty much what we're down to here, right? Obviously some of those are stronger than others, and some should probably be off the list of 18 already (Baylor with Jones out and Nebraska are the first 2), and B101 has UTEP winning the CUSA to snare a bid.

Tom said...

Out of the bubble teams, I'd rank them this way (as of today):

Michigan, BC, Colorado, Washington State, Clemson, USC, Georgia, Michigan St, Penn St, Alabama, Richmond, Memphis, VCU, Nebraska, Baylor, Colorado St, Missouri St

Anonymous said...

does penn state have a legit shot to get in or not?

Dustin said...

Re: NC State

If they beat Maryland they stand a chance to make it to the NIT, but they cant go at all if they lose.

Re: Penn State

I have them as the 9th team out. They can still make it with a deep BTT run.

Dustin said...

@ Dan

I'd add New Mexico to your bubble list.

mag900 said...

are you being sarcastic? nobody had an incredible hard SOS in conference in the ACC this year. it was a historically bad year for the ACC this year.

Anonymous said...

Dustin I keep asking you to explain to me how USC has a better resume than Penn state

Anonymous said...

Does cal have any shot at an at large?

AG said...

Tom at this rate does NC State accept an NIT bid or do they reject it after firing Sidney Lowe?

Anonymous said...

@ 5:32

If Memphis beats Southern Miss and then UAB, I'd put them in. They'd have another Top 60/Top 30 win to go along with the 8 Top 65 wins they already have.

Southern Miss is a long shot.

UTEP losing to UAB in the final wouldn't be spectacular since it'd be at home, plus their résumé isn't great right now and their C-USA Tournament wins would likely be against Marshall and Tulsa. I wouldn't put them in.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:02

I think Cal needs to win the PAC 10 Tournament, but wins over USC and Arizona would make it interesting if the other bubble teams completely collapse.

Dustin said...

Penn State's good wins: Michigan State, Illinois, Wisconsin, all at home. Their best road win is @ Northwestern.

Has a bad loss to Maine.

USC: Home wins over Texas, Washington State, UCLA, and Arizona.

Road wins over Tenesse, Cal, and Washingotn.

Bad losses are stacked up with losses to Orgeon, Oregon State twice, Rider, Bradley and TCU.

What it comes down to is, do you give an edge to a team with better wins including quality road wins, but with a slew of bad losses, or do you give it to a team that can't win away from home, and has less impressive wins, and still had a major slip up?

Both resumes aren't pretty, but Id give the edge to USC.

Dustin said...

I also left off the 62-39 home loss that Penn State had against non-factor Maryland. Not as bad as some of the other losses becauseof where Maryland ranks, but it sure was one of the ugliest looking losses of the year.

Dan said...

Penn St and USC are splitting hairs at this point. Let's see if any of them do damage this week. Both are probably (or should probably be) behind the rest of that mess of also ugly teams. Hopefully some bids get stolen and a few teams show up to play this week so we can pick from teams that deserve it, vs. who doesn't deserve it the least.

Dan said...

BTW, the only way USF gets to 45 points is if UC gets up a bunch and calls off the dogs. UC is near the top in D and USF is near the bottom in O. This could be fun.

Tom said...

@Mag: how do you figure? Is that just a shot at the ACC? BC, UNC, and Duke have top 30 SOS per RPI and KenPom.

NC State was beaten by teams averaging 29.6 on the scale. Sagarin ranks theirs as the 37th toughest schedule in the country. How is that not tough? Just a comment on how crappy the ACC is doesn't really cut it.

@6:45PM, PSU has a strong shot with two wins. One win and I think they are gone.

@AG, did Lowe get fired? I thought it was still up in the air.

@7:06, I agree if they win 2 games then Memphis should be in or at least strongly considered.

If Cal wins 2 games they are in strong consideration, too. They have wins over UCLA, USC, Wash. St., Temple, and New Mexico. No real bad losses, either.

Dustin said...

I'd be a happy camper if USF ran the table and won the BE. It'd shake up the bracket a little bit, and would anger the people who think the BE shouldn't get 11 teams in, when they'd be looking at 12 teams at that point.

Not to mention, they'd become the coolest Cinderella heading into next week.

Anonymous said...

It'd also be to Cal's benefit to lose to UCLA in the final rather than Washington/Washington State.

Dustin said...

I'm pretty sure Cal plays USC in the first round.

Dustin said...

Scratch that last comment, should have had my glasses on.

Tom said...

@Dustin, they do. It's pretty much a lose and you're done game. Should be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Okay Dustin fair point but first of all if you count at cal as a quality win isn't at Minnesota one too? USC might have slightly better wins but I mean Penn state has one sub 100 rpi loss 1! And USC has 6! Not to mention Penn state's rpi is much higher higher their SOS is 40!!! Spots higher USC has three sub 200 rpi losses they lost by 20 at home to rider

I'm not sure what year you graduated from USC by you really need to stop kidding yourself and I'd like to hear your response to this

Anonymous said...

Yes, but if they beat USC and most likely Arizona they'd play UCLA/Washington/Washington State in the final.

Anonymous said...

Scratch mine as well lol.

Dustin said...

If anything, I hope USC loses. I'm not a fan of theirs at all (and I got my doctorate from the University of Florida, thank you.)

The reason I count Cal as a quality win is because they are still a fringe bubble team. Minnesota is not. The Cal win isn't the make or break factor, either.

The committee usually judges teams that dont win away from home harshly, and they give a significant look to teams that get huge quality road wins.

I'm rooting against USC, makes everything easier for me in the end.

Dan said...

Baylor getting slaughtered by OU right now. You can end their bubble hopes if they lose here.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:21

Yeah, Colorado's OOC schedule was pathetic. They even lost a game to San Francisco.

However, Colorado deserves to at least be in the discussion with quality wins over: Texas, Kansas State, @ Kansas State, Missouri, and decent wins over Nebraska, Colorado State, and Oklahoma State.

Anonymous said...

I'd be disappointed if Robert Morris beat Long Island.

Dustin said...

Colorado's win over Colorado State is probably their saving grace, because without it they have nothing to show OOC, and Colorado State still very well may get an at-large.

Anonymous said...

Colorado State beating New Mexico and then a Brandon Davies-less BYU would be an interesting scenario.

AG said...

Forget MSU, Baylor is the biggest disappointment this year. Baylor had so much size, athleticism, and NBA talent, but they never played like a team. And now, they quit.

A fitting end for BallHoggious Dunn. Over/Under on # of fans at the Bears' NIT game: 1000.

Tom said...

I have a bit of a soft spot for USC since I almost went there for grad school. Instead, I went to an ACC program so I'd rather see whichever team is weaker (Cal, in my opinion) make the tournament. So, I'm rooting for the Golden Bears.

Dan said...

There's a lot of teams deserving of the title of "Least with the Most". MSU, Baylor, Washington, Tennessee, Villanova. Baylor may take the crown because they're gonna miss the tourney, but plenty of others give them a run for their money.

Jake said...

Does the thumping UC is putting into USF tonight tell us more about the Bearcats or Villanova?

Dustin said...


Probably more about Villanova's porous defense, but to be fair to Nova, its unlikely a team like USF can play well two nights in a row.

Dan said...

UC is a bad matchup for USF. UC plays good D and USF struggles to score.

But I think we knew everything we needed to know about Villanova already. They're awful right now. Stokes is hurt, so the rest will be good for him and maybe a few others on their team, but they don't have an identity anymore, and as many have said, losing becomes a habit and things get ugly. If Villanova didn't have the ridiculous first 2-3 months of the season, they wouldn't make the tournament, and it probably wouldn't be close. But that doesn't change their resume and all of their good wins from the beginning do count. They're in, they're just my first (and easiest) pick to exit stage right next Thursday/Friday.

Tom said...

Nati playing pretty well - good ball movement, solid athleticism. I've not had a chance to watch them this season, so this is fun.

This team has the stuff to make a run it appears.

Dan said...

UC has been playing very well lately. As an ND fan, I'm worried about them tomorrow night, something I can't say about the first time we played them earlier in the season, when they were playing very average.

If they can score, they'll be tough to beat in the tourney, since they always play good D.

Anonymous said...

Colorado likes to run which is kindof ridiculous for a team that plays at elevation.

Dustin said...

@ 8:57

Why is that ridiculous? That's playing to their strengths, if they are more fit than their opponents, forcing them to run with them is going to be a huge advantage.

Dustin said...

Robert Morris with a terrific comeback to tie it and force overtime.

Tom said...

R. Morris and Long Island: A whole lot of fundamentals on display here, not much in the way of raw athleticism. Still, OT in a championship game is good TV.

Dan said...

Great play drawn up by the Bobby Morris coach to get a 3 off with 0.8 remaining. Falls just short, and the Blackbirds punch their ticket.

Dustin said...

Pointless and off topic, but Marquette is currently wearing the coolest uniforms in college basketball.

Dan said...

You like em? I think they're hideous. I'm a homer, but I love ND's black/green ones.

Dustin said...

I'm 100% against any team that wears black when it isn't a normal color of theirs. Its tacky, and trying too hard to be cool. When the Gators do it I feel like vomiting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Long Island!

Anonymous said...


I agree with Dustin. I like UF's road blues much better.

Tom said...

On the topic of trying too hard, what about UW-M and their neon yellow kicks? It hurt my eyes watching them lose to Butler.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they could've done without those. Yeesh.

Dustin said...

This is going to sound silly since I just called out 'black' uniforms as tacky, but I was a fan of the Milwaukee shoes. I thought it complemented the navy blue very well.

And yes, I know how un-masculine this all sounds.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Texas Tech might put up 100 on Missouri tonight.

Tom said...

Digger Phelps rocking the ash on his forehead. I'm surprised no one forced him to take a wet nap to that thing. Not only is it an overt religious symbol on national television, it looks like he just came back from a day in the coal mine.

Dan said...

What's wrong with a religious symbol? This isn't middle school where we need to separate church and state, it's a college basketball halftime show.

Tom said...

Regardless of my or your personal opinion, it could easily offend viewers, something a TV station can ill-afford to do, no?

And it just looks terrible.

Dan said...

ESPN has a virtual lock on it's audience, and pisses off plenty of people with biased coverage, poor handling of internal house matters and a general focus on entertainment over sports without worrying about it to much. A little religious symbol on one or two anchors (Tony Rieli (sp) had it earlier as well) isn't going to do anything they haven't done for the previous 10 years.

Tom said...

More power to him. I respect the balls to do it. And Digger is a former Quaker coach, so I dig that, too.

Dustin said...

Just another reason to dislike Digger Phelps

Anonymous said...


What do you think of Marquette if they lose to WVU?

They would finish 10-10 in BE play, with 14 losses is a lot for a team thats SOS is about 30, even though they have some great wins and 0 bad losses.

Are they one of your last 4 teams in or are they safer than that?

Dustin said...

This Northern Colorado/Montana game is the most exciting final of this season. Very enjoyable game, with an energetic crowd.

Jake said...

Ok, so Marquette solidly in. WVU probably a solid 6 seed, possible 5. It depends on what the teams around them on the S-Curve (Cincinnati, Connecticut, Xavier, Arizona, Kansas St.) do in their respective conference tournaments the rest of the way.

Tom said...

@10:41, Marquette answered that for you.

Dustin, not a Penn fan? No reason to diss my alma mater; they haven't done anything in basketball since 1978.

Dustin said...

New bracket.

1's: Ohio State, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame
2's: Duke, Purdue, Texas, North Carolina
3's: BYU, Florida, Syracuse, Wisconsin
4's: San Diego State, Louisville, Connecticut, St. John’s
5's: Cincinnati, Georgetown, Kansas State, Kentucky
6's: UNLV, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, West Virginia
7's: Arizona, Xavier, Missouri, Temple
8's: Old Dominion, UCLA, Marquette, Utah State
9's: Illinois, Florida State, George Mason, Villanova
10's: Tennessee, Gonzaga, Michigan, Clemson
11's: Richmond, Georgia, St. Mary’s, Michigan State
12's: (Washington vs Colorado), (Alabama vs Boston College), Butler, UAB
13's: Belmont, Harvard, Oakland, Morehead State
14's: Bucknell, Long Island, Indiana St, Kent St
15's: Long Beach St, St Peter’s, Northern Colorado, Wofford
16's: Boston, UNC-Asheville, (McNeese St vs Texas Southern), (Bethune-Cookman vs Arkansas-Little Rock)

LAST FOUR IN: Washington, Colorado, Alabama, Boston College
FIRST FOUR OUT: USC, Virginia Tech, Colorado State, (UAB)
NEXT FOUR OUT: New Mexico, Washington State, Memphis, Penn State

UAB is in parenthesis because they are projected into the tournament with an auto-bid, so they do not need the at-large berth.

Dustin said...

@ Tom

I have nothing against Penn State. If anything, I kind of favor them.

Tom said...

Chase said...

The 1's - Ohio State, Pitt, Kansas, Notre Dame
The 2's - Duke, Texas, North Carolina, Syracuse
The 3's - Purdue, BYU, Florida, San Diego State
The 4's - Wisconsin, Louisville, Kentucky, UConn
The 5's - St Johns, Vanderbilt, Kansas State, WVU
The 6's - Xavier, Georgetown Cincinnati, Temple
The 7's - UCLA, UNLV, Old Dominion*, Arizona
The 8's - Texas A&M, Missouri, Illinois, Utah State
The 9's - George Mason, Florida State, Tennessee. Villanova
The 10's - Marquette, Butler*, Georgia, Richmond
The 11's - Gonzaga, Washington, Boston College, Michigan
The 12's - Michigan State, Clemson, Colorado, Saint Mary's, Alabama, UAB
The 13's - Belmont*, Harvard, Oakland*, Wofford*
The 14's - Bucknell, Indiana State*, Long Beach State, Saint Peters*
The 15's - Morehead State*, Kent State, Long Island*, Northern Colorado*
The 16's - Boston U, UNC-Asheville*, McNese State, Arkansas Little Rock*, Texas Southern, Bethune-Cookman

Last 4 in: Clemson, Colorado, Saint Mary's, Alabama
Last 4 out: Colorado State, Virginia Tech, Penn State, VCU
Next 6 out: Missouri State, UTEP, USC, Washington State, New Mexico, Memphis
On Life Support: California, Minnesota, Duquesne, Oklahoma State
Season Ended: Nebraska, Baylor

mag900 said...

@Mag: how do you figure? Is that just a shot at the ACC? BC, UNC, and Duke have top 30 SOS per RPI and KenPom.

i figure because kenpom also rates the ACC 4th -- behind the BE, B10 and B12. so playing in the 4th best conference isn't "incredibly hard." in fact, it's a lot easier than what most teams in the BE, B10 and B12 faced in conference.

the ACC had a grand total of 2 teams in the top 30 on kenpom. the BE had 9 (plus #31 and #32). it's laughable that you think nc st played an incredibly hard in conference schedule when basically every team in the BE played a harder one. i'm not a BE fanboy either and think that the BE is in for a rude surprise next week.

does that cut it for you?

Tom said...

Mag, so what do you call a schedule when the average team you lose to is in the top 30 teams in the nation and you have 15 losses? An average schedule?

Tom said...

It's a bit misleading how you quoted where the ACC ranks, too. The ACC has 2 teams in the KenPom top 30, but 4 between 31-40, so half of the conference is in the top 40 teams in those rankings. 2 in the top 30 sounds a lot less impressive than 6 in the top 40, right?

Dan said...

@Tom, I agree, NC State has a decent schedule, but you really should just be arguing the sched on the whole. They played 8 games against the RPI top 25. 4 against UNC/Duke and 4 against non-conf opponents. They also played Mason who's 26, and FSU/BC *barely* make the cut for top 50 at 45/46. 12 games against the RPI top 50 is good, but their conference slate wasn't tough other then the fact that they had to play the only 2.5 legit teams twice each.

@mag, I was thinking the same as you, and went and looked at NC State's schedule. Because Duke and UNC are 5 and 6 in RPI (not sure I buy it, but it is what it is), and NC State got both of them twice, they did have 4 games against the top 10 in the RPI, 8 against the top 25 (4 more non-conf) and 12 against the top 50. Some of that was non-conf scheduling (GTown, Wisc, Cuse, Arizona all in top 25, and GMU at 26), but by comparison to some Big East teams, the number of top 50 teams played:
ND - 14
GTown - 18 (wow)
Pitt - 13
WVU - 14
Louisville - 14
Syracuse - 12
SJU - 15
Uconn - 17

Most of the rest of the top 20 is in the ~10 top 50 games played range. So NC State played a slightly easier version of a BE schedule on the whole for the entire season. I think Tom's point about the ACC schedule being tough is off, but they did get 5 6 and 46 2x after playing 5 top 26 teams in non-conf.

In the end, they're 1-11 vs those top 50 opponents, so we know why they are where they are!

Dan said...

@mag - Also, I'm a Big East homer, but think we may be in some trouble next week as well. Nova and Gtown are not playing well, there are multiple inconstant teams in the middle of that pack, and the biggest issue is that we don't have a top team to make a deep run. Any of the 9 non-Nova/GT teams could make a run to the S16, and I think we could have as many as 6-7 in the S16 if matchups fall well, the shortlist of true title contenders won't have much Big East love on it. I think it's the best league in the country by a large margin, but the lack of a true #1 contender will cause people to look past the fact that we have 9+ contenders for the S16.

Tom said...


I don't see how 12 games against top 50 teams is anything but incredibly difficult. I certainly don't think my comment is "laughable" and I don't think NC State is a great team, or even a very good one, by any means. I was just saying they had a really hard schedule.

Dan said...

12 top 50 games is difficult, but every single team in the Big East played more. Every one.

And the problem with your comment is you said:
"Make that an incredibly hard SOS in conference. Their OOC SOS is terrible and that kills their RPI."

That's just not true. They had as many top 25 teams out of conference as they did in conference. Compare that to the BE (I know ND so I'll use them, who played exactly 1 top 25 team out of conference and 10 in conference). That was the point mag was making, and is right. But you're point on NC St's schedule being among the more difficult in the nation is also true.

On a side note with SOS rankings, I reject the notion that playing #150 is significantly tougher than playing #250 and wish the RPI could find a better way to weight the two. Playing a bunch of medium range opponents (BYU) and 3-4 top tier teams is significantly easier than playing 11 top 25 teams, 8 more top 26-100 and a bunch of 250s.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this Will has a hard-on for Michigan. Pretty funny to see him spin this.

Anonymous said...

Very odd that Morehead State is a 15, while Kent is a 13. Odd because Moreheads rpi is higher and Morehead beat Kent State by 17 points this year. Need to put down the bong for a while and do some research.

Anonymous said...

Before you take another hit on the crackpipe rethink Morehead at a 15 seed with Indiana State at a 14. Morehead pounded Indiana State at their place in bracketbuster in mid Feb. In addition Morehead has a higher rpi....heads up, Larry Bird doesnt play at Ind State anymore.......

Anonymous said...


I feel that the selection crew is very biased, and gives flashy teams a highers seeds. Prime example being- Wisconson Badgers, best free throw shooting % (w/ a possibilty to set an all time NCAA record) they also have the lowest amount of turnovers p/ game. Do these statistics mean nothing. Wisconsin (or teams like it) always seem to get unfair or poor seeds.

Wisconsin is in no way as flashy or athletic as a NC team, but isn't their resume better? Along with their statistics?

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