Saturday, December 26, 2009

B101's Saturday Tweets

Our quick thoughts on Saturday's results:

To say West Virginia escaped Newark with a big conference win would be a ginormous understatement. Seton Hall played really well, and their comeback from 10 down in the final minute was remarkable, but they also missed 24 threes and 17 free throws (ouch and ouch).

In the end, the Mountaineers pulled through because of their depth; Seton Hall didn't have much besides Jeremy Hazell (19 three point attempts?!?) offensively, while WVU had three players (Butler, Ebanks, and Jones) score 19 or more points.

This loss could prove extra devastating for Seton Hall when considering how their Big East schedule is shaping up. The Pirates play Villanova, Georgetown, and UConn only once, and all of those games are on the road. If they can't upset Syracuse at home on Tuesday, they'll have to make some serious noise on the road to compile a tourney-worthy resume. Keep in mind that Seton Hall's best OOC win came against Cornell.


Will said...

I wouldn't say Seton Hall played "really well", for the reasons you mentioned. Until the end of both halves, they had no offense, and they shot what, 50% on free throws the entire game. Defensively they weren't horrible, but the offense left a lot to be desired. However that 10 points in less a minute was exhilarating!

Bracketology 101 said...

OK, "really well" might be a stretch, but style points aside, the Pirates did force the 6th-ranked team in the country to OT. Unfortunately, thanks to a lot of missed threes early and an awful job from the line throughout, all they're left with is a lot of what ifs.

Anonymous said...

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