Saturday, December 19, 2009

B101's Saturday Tweets

Our quick thoughts on Saturday's results:

It took over a month, but the Pac-10 finally has a signature win, thanks to USC's drubbing of Tennessee. Bruce Pearl - what happened?

Remember when Michigan was good? Yikes. Give the Wolverines credit for playing a tough OOC schedule, but they're now 2-5 in their last seven games.

Any argument that Duke is the best team in the ACC right now? They made a good Gonzaga team look awful.

Texas plays pretty well against non-cupcakes, too. Damion James and Dexter Pittman were unstoppable inside against the Tar Heels, whose front line isn't too shabby, either.

Nice escape, West Virginia (they won at Cleveland State on a Da'Sean Butler layup at the buzzer). The Mountaineers were up 12 at the half.

Yes, Xavier got absolutely hosed by Butler's clock operator, but there wouldn't have been a controversial ending if the Musketeers could have grabbed a rebound on that final possession. They gave the Bulldogs way too many chances.

Speaking of Xavier, their OOC schedule was certainly tough, but still have only one good win (Cincinnati). They could really use a win at Wake on Jan. 3 for their tourney resume.

Heck of a day for the A-10 - UMass edged Memphis at home, and Richmond - who owns the SEC - won at Florida (wow). The A-10 looks like a three-bid league (at least) again this season.

It's hard to believe we're writing this, but the Pac-10's having a solid day too. First USC, now Arizona State, who beat visiting San Diego State 55-52.

Cross Georgetown off the unbeaten list - the Hoyas lost by four at home to Old Dominion in a game that wasn't nearly that close. ODU led by 18 with 14 minutes to go.

Head scratchers - Illinois losing at Georgia, South Carolina losing at Wofford (ouch).

Don't tell Temple the Big East is the best league in the country. First they knocked off Villanova, and tonight they went on the road and handed Seton Hall its first loss. The Pirates still may be a bubble team come March, but their OOC resume won't help them much.

The unbeatens continue to fall. This time it's Texas Tech going down at Wichita State. The Red Raiders made a furious comeback to erase a 14-point halftime deficit, but it wasn't enough.

Wichita's win is ginormous for the Valley, which could be a multiple-bid league for the first time in three years. Northern Iowa is still the favorite, but Wichita (10-1) and unbeaten Missouri State are playing like serious conference title contenders.


Johnny Blue said...

The SEC will be much better than anyone is giving them credit for right now come March.

Snapple said...

I've been itching for the lastest post.

Even though USC drubbed Tennessee, this year's Pac-10 feels like one of the worst years a "BCS conference" has had, that I can remember. Almost every team in the league is riddled with bad losses and trying to stay over 500. What are we really looking at here? a two bid league?

Bracketology 101 said...


We agree with you...the Pac-10 is atrocious, and at this rate they'll be lucky to get three bids come March. We just finished our latest bracket, which will be posted Monday, and we barely have a third team in right now (Washington State is a 12 seed). Washington and Cal are in as well - not because they have any quality wins, but because we think they are the two best teams in the conference.

It's important to note, though, that no matter how much we trash the Pac-10, the committee has shown them some unwarranted love the last couple of years. Arizona got the final at-large bid last season (which they shouldn't have), and two years ago, a 13-loss Oregon team got a 9 seed and 14-loss Arizona got a 10. We're not saying something like that will happen in a much worse Pac-10 this's just something to keep in mind.

Anonymous said...

You could definately argue that Duke would have 3 losses if they played the tough teams North Carolina has. Syracuse, Texas, and Kectucky are all better than Duke if you ask me.

B101, I have a question about Duke. Why do they keep playing stong teams like Gonzaga and Texas in New York, but don't make a return trip to Spokane or Austin?

Bracketology 101 said...

We agree that all three of those teams are better than Duke right now.

The reason the Blue Devils get neutral site return games, and not games in other teams' home arenas is simple - the name across the front of their jerseys. It's the same reason Notre Dame can demand 3-for-1s and 4-for-1s in football, with the "one" being played off campus at a bigger stadium. Duke can sell more seats that way, have more if its fans there, and ultimately they have a better chance at a win. It may not seem fair (and it's not) but there will always be opponents out there that want to add Duke to its schedule, no matter the stipulations.

Anonymous said...

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