Tuesday, January 20, 2009

B101's Bracket Bag - Jan. 20

Some of the best questions we get each week aren't from people posting in the comments section, but from those who send us questions via e-mail. In a semi-weekly feature to B101, we will answer some of these questions posed by our readers.


Why don't you have Mississippi State or Northern Iowa in your field?

B101: Other bracketologists have Northern Iowa in their field as the automatic bid from the MVC since they are currently in first place in the conference. We do not take the same approach when we put our brackets together. We think that Illinois State is the best team in the MVC and has the best chance to win the conference tournament in March. We project more in our brackets and don't just take the easy way out and assume that the first place team in conference in January will be the best team in March. Northern Iowa is playing good ball with recent road wins against Creighton, Drake, and Evansville, and they'll get their chance to prove us wrong against Illinois State next week.

We did consider Mississippi State for our bracket this week (they are on the Next Four Out list). The Bulldogs are off to a good start in SEC play, but all of their five losses are to mediocre/bad teams (Washington State, Texas Tech, Charlotte, Cincinnati, and San Diego). They also have no more chances to pick up quality OOC wins, so they will probably need 11-12 SEC wins to get a bid (which won't be easy).

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