Thursday, February 08, 2007

Questions For The Competition - Vol. 3 - Feb. 9

Back for a third installment, our Questions For The Competition has expanded to include questions for all five of the "expert" bracketologists and, as always, some questions for ourselves
Questions are based on the latest bracket from each "expert."

Joe Lunardi (
How are teams like Gonzaga (10 seed) and Michigan State (11 seed) last four in when you have other at-large bids seeded lower than them?

Does the Big East really deserve two 2 seeds?

Is Xavier (the A-10's second bid) really the last team out of the field? Is the A-10 that close to two bids or are you whimping out and picking the team in first (Rhode Island) when you really think Xavier might be the team to beat?

David Mihm (
What year did you graduate from Providence?

A 9 seed for USC? They're four seed lines worse than Stanford?

Tennessee and Florida State belong on the same seed line?

What makes you think Georgia Tech will get to .500 in conference with the schedule they have left (@ Florida State, @ Duke, @ Virginia)?

Stewart Mandel (
We know you did your bracket before Maryland lost to Virginia, but how could you have them in with a 9 seed even then?

How is that Texas Tech 7 seed looking for you?

We may have been loving a little too much on ND last week but after the loss to South Florida we hammered them. You still have them at a 6...why?

Gary Parrish (CBS Sportsline)
How jacked up could your projected bracket possibly be? In seeding a bracket, each of the first three teams selected from a conference should be placed in different regions. You have Pitt-Marquette, Southern Illinois-Creighton-Missouri State, and Kansas-Oklahoma State all in the same region. Looks like someone needs the phone number for Matt Reeves.

Washington State a 3 seed? Southern Illinois a 4?

Can we get Mejia back?

Michael Lazarus (
We know Kentucky has a good RPI, but do they deserve a 3 seed?

More whacked out seeds…WVU a 9, Michigan State a 9, Kansas State an 8??!!

Bracketology 101
How's that Oklahoma State 4 seed looking now?

Why do you guys still have Hofstra as the CAA automatic after two head-scratching losses to Northeastern and Delaware, and considering the fact that the conference tournament is in Richmond (VCU's backyard)?

What was that projection you made not too long ago about Notre Dame? A 5-6 seed? Yeah, not so much.


natty said...

I guess you really have these seeds down. When I look at all of the things your saying I notice your seeds are very carefully picked. Do you think by any chance when the tournament rolls around you could help me fill out a bracket? I'm always entering my office pool but never win.

Matt said...

Lunardi, I'm still trying to figure out when they decided to start letting a 5 seed play an 11 and a 6 seed play 12.

Paymon said...

I think the Ok St. and Notre Dame (and UConn among others from awhile ago) picks gone awry demonstrates the volatility of the projection-prediction method. It lends itself to biases.

Funny enough, it's more accurate than most of the real media. If you wish to criticize, comment, or share thoughts about my predictions, please do so.

Anonymous said...

Quit hating on Southern Illinois.
They deserve a 4 seed.