Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bracketology 101's Rush of the Week - Feb. 26

There's nothing better in college basketball than the tradition of storming the court. Whether it's participating in the rush yourself, or watching it unfold on TV, it's impossible to match the enthusiasm and school spirit that comes out when thousands of students storm the floor after a huge upset win.

At Bracketology 101, we continue to honor the efforts of students across the country with a new late-season column: Bracketology 101's Rush of the Week. Each week we post our favorite court-storming photos, and give you the fans the chance to send your own photos in as well. We pick one photo each week as the winner, and post the photo on B101.
This week's winner is a photo of Michigan State's rush after beating Wisconsin on Tuesday.

Here's this week's Rush of the Week:

(Photo courtesy the Associated Press)
If you have a photo you wish to nominate for next week's Rush of the Week, e-mail a link to the photo to Bracketology 101 at


Anonymous said...

I can't rationalize moving Maryland up to a #4 seed from a #9 seed, especially over UVA who swept them. Sure UVA lost at Miami and Maryland beat UNC, but nonetheless UVA is still tied atop the ACC. I think VT at UVA is this week's game to watch, 2 of the 3 teams tied for first in the ACC match up and UVA (15-1 at home, with the only loss by one point to Stanford) looks for revenge for the thrashing they got in Blacksburg.

Cuse Fan said...

Too bad you are a little early on your Cuse prediction. Who is now out as the Syracuse cruises into the field of 65?

natty said...

I agree with the first post on UVA. Sweeping Maryland deserves a hier seed then them. Also, UVA only lost by 10 and UNC and maybe would have beet them at home. Marylands home win vs. UNC can't be that impressive. I think the Cavs will come out firing and easily beet VT. If not then they could get easily seperated from Tech in the rankings, as Tech would have swept them and have a better record.