Tuesday, January 05, 2010

B101's Questions For The Competition

Questions For The Competition is a weekly column that addresses our issues with the brackets of other bracketology "experts." This week's questions are reserved for ESPN's Joe Lunardi and SI.com's Andy Glockner. As the season goes on, and more major sports websites consistently post weekly brackets, we will ask questions to them as well. Keep in mind that these questions are about the experts' most recent brackets, which were released before Monday's games.

Joe Lunardi (ESPN) - Jan. 4 Bracket
How is Baylor not even in your Last Eight Out? St. John's, Louisville, and Tulsa (Tulsa?) are on the list, but the 11-1 Bears aren't?

If the season ended today, how in the world has UConn earned a 4 seed? Tennessee is a 3? Based on what?

Missouri State is at-large worthy right now? What have they done to earn a bid? What has St. Mary's done to earn a 9?

Wake Forest is four seed lines worse than Florida State?

Four A-10 team are going to get in, but none of them are going to be higher than an 8 (Temple)? Isn't that a little low for the Owls, even after the Kansas game? They're two seed lines worse than BYU and on the same seed line as UNLV?

Andy Glockner (SI.com) - Jan. 4 Bracket
We're confused - you say in your bracket write-up that you don't like the fact that VCU is two seed lines ahead of William & Mary and that UNLV is two seed lines ahead of BYU? You're right in saying that...sooo, why don't you change it?

If the season ended today, what have UConn and Cal done to deserve 4 seeds? How is Cincinnati - a team that beat UConn and also has wins over Vanderbilt and Maryland - a 12?

The Ivy League has never received an at-large bid, but Cornell has done enough to earn one this season? Wins over Vermont and St. John's make them at-large worthy?

Nice to see that Wake Forest finally made your field.

We like Rhode Island as an at-large too, but do they really deserve a 9 right now?

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