Friday, February 06, 2009

B101's Questions For The Competition

Questions For The Competition is a weekly column that addresses our issues with the brackets of other bracketology "experts." This week's questions are for's Joe Lunardi, Andy Glockner of, and Jerry Palm of

Keep in mind that these questions are about each bracketologist's latest bracket, the date of which is listed below.

Joe Lunardi ( - Feb. 6 Bracket (Friday Update)

How in the world does the Big XII deserve the same amount of bids as the Mountain West? If the season ended today, the committee would take four Mountain West teams? We know the league's been a pleasant surprise, but four?

Speaking of the Mountain West, what has BYU done to warrant an at-large? Wins against Utah State and San Diego State are enough? They're more deserving of a bid than Penn State??

And speaking of conferences with insane amounts of bids, eight ACC teams deserve bids right now? It's like you couldn't decide who to put in from the Big XII bubble, so you put in no one, and couldn't decide who to put in from the ACC bubble, so you put in everyone.

How is Texas A&M not even on the Next Four Out list? What's the fascination with Oklahoma State? Is is their poor OOC resume or their lack of a quality conference win that has them almost in the field?

USC drops four seed lines after losing at UCLA Thursday? Explain.

How does Tennessee deserve a 5 seed? The Vols were on the same seed line as Kentucky on Monday, yet now they're five seed lines better than the Wildcats (who destroyed them on their home floor)? They're four seed lines better than Florida, too?

Jerry Palm ( - Feb. 2 Bracket

How are South Carolina and Baylor worthy of 8 seeds? Who have they beaten?

Speaking of Baylor, if the season ended today, seven Big XII teams would deserve bids? How in the world is Oklahoma State, whose best OOC win came against Siena and whose best conference win is Texas A&M (at home), in over Penn State, who has two wins over top-four seeds and a home win against Michigan? That's not enough "noise in the Big Ten" for you?

Why all the hatred for the Pac-10? We agree that Washington is a 6, but Arizona State is a 9? Cal is a 10?

Andy Glockner ( - Feb. 2 Bracket

How is Utah "the best team in the MWC"? They have a better resume than UNLV?

How is FSU a 5 seed? They deserve a better seed than Purdue? They're six seed lines better than Virginia Tech?

How is Tennessee still two seed lines higher than Kentucky, who destroyed them on their home floor? How are the Vols five seed lines better than LSU?


Anonymous said...

Being an FSU fan it's always great to see basketball love from anyone, but B101, you're right, a 5 seed is a little too high right now. I'd put us at a 7 seed for the time being, but we could bump up a couple if we pull off an upset or two and win the games we need to win. Right now, though, I'll just be glad to finish out the season and get in the tourney regardless of seeding.

Anonymous said...

I know the conference is down a little this year, but I would bet money that the Big XII will have more than 4 in when it's all said in done, and certainly more than the Mountain West.

Anonymous said...

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