Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Questions For The Competition - Vol. 2 - Jan. 17

After a lengthy first edition of Questions For The Competition, we debut our regular version of the weekly column this week. For now, the questions will focus on the brackets of Joe Lunardi (up to his old "season ended today" tricks again),'s David Mihm, and as always, ourselves. When other notable "experts" make their picks, we'll pose some questions for them as well.

Here's this week's questions. They are based on Lunardi's Jan. 17th bracket and Mihm's Jan. 14 bracket.

Joe Lunardi (
Joe apparently missed the first Questions column, and once again took the easy way out with his bracket. This week's gem is his indefensible inclusion of San Francisco in his bracket (as a Play-In Game participant). The Dons are 7-11 overall, but a sweet 3-0 in the WCC (including wins over 8-10 Loyola Marymount and 4-16 Pepperdine), and because of their first place record, they get a bid - and a slew of at-large hopefuls are left out. Joe, we know you use the "season ended today" line to makes things easy for you, but this is a new low, don't you think?

But Joe didn't stop can you put 11-7 Wright State in? A completely untested (unbeaten, but still) VCU team? How many easy decisions can you make in one week? Do you openly root for these stink-but-in-first-place things to happen?

How does Texas A&M get a two seed over Orgeon? Is it all of their quality wins?

How many straight wins does New Mexico State need to get a bid? That's one mid-major worth projecting in right now. I mean, they're no San Francisco, but...

How does Davidson get an 11 seed? They're a seed line better than Stanford?

Isn't a 5 seed a little high for BC?

David Mihm (
Lunardi has Texas A&M too high as a 2, but do they really deserve a 7?

How is the world is Villanova in on Jan. 14 and Georgetown and West Virginia out?

How many more losses can Florida State (0-3 in conference) rack up and still stay in your bracket?

What radar do you use that Louisville shows up on?

What's the deal with the Bracket Blog?

Bracketology 101 (Us)
What was that about UConn's upset potential again?

Does LSU really deserve a 4 seed based on what they've done so far?

How did that Creighton inclusion work out for you?

Hofstra impressed you that much in its loss to Northeastern, huh?

Can Michigan State get a little more love than a 12?


Anonymous said...

Terrific stuff, glad I stumbled onto the site. The level of smug that everyone presents "Their" brackets with could use a good spotlight thrown on it.

I'll be linking back here weekly for your updates.

Gabe said...

the Umass v. Xavier dilema in the A-10 will be solved tomorrow night on espn...